How Do I Geotag a Photo On My Computer?



Geotagging involves posting a picture or video on the internet with specific geolocation like the longitude and latitude of the area. When you use smartphones or any GPS-enabled camera, they automatically record the date, time, and location where the photo got taken. However, suppose you have pictures on your computer taken by a device that is not GPS enabled and does not record the geographical coordinates on the photograph. In that case, you can add the information by yourself. The location of pictures is usually stored in the Exchangeable Image file format (EXIF) that comes with the JPEG photo. Geo Tag Images offers geotagging software that you could use to update your pictures on your computer, which is easier and faster to use. On the other hand, you can decide to update the geographical coordinates on the computer by yourself manually.

Using Geo Tagging Software

Geotagging software has increased in the market since many people are using it for their business and photos. To use geotagging software, you will need to download one from the Apple store for IOS users and Windows store. Most of these applications will require you to pay for the services.

To geotag a photo on your computer, here is how you could do it:

Step 1: You need first to convert the raw image to JPEG. Most geotagging applications will not add the photo’s location if the picture is still in its original format. Therefore, look for software that can change the structure of the image from the original to JPEG.

Step 2: For you to add the geographical location of the photo, you will need to edit the EXIF information of the JPEG photo. Many geotagging applications start by displaying a map on the screen where you can search for a location.

Step 3: Open the folder where the photos are stored. Click and drag the picture onto the specific location, pin the image and save it. Therefore, the information on the area is now added to the photo.

When you pin and save the photo on the map, the application saves the longitude and latitude information on the EXIF of the JPEG photo. When the images are posted online, the users don’t see the data; only the search engines can detect, organize and analyze the information. The SERPs then search for more information on the internet.

Today, many businesses use geotagging to make their brands reach more people to educate them about their brand. Geotagging your business will make your business page appear at the top of the search engine when people search for a product. Google, Bing, and yahoo use different algorithms to determine which pages or information they will serve to people first.

Therefore, hiring an experienced and reliable SEO will enable your business to be at the top of the search engines. Some of the benefits of geotagging to a business include?

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization

Geotagging the contents for business makes your business page appear at the top of the SERPs. Thus, people who search for products online will view your company among the top, depending on where they are located.

  • Simplifies Processes

When a business geotags its photos or videos to a particular location on a map, it helps to simplify various processes. The processes that users go through, like tracking and mapping the business and products, are reduced. For a company, the process involved in marketing its products is minimized. Generally, it saves both the business and consumers a lot of time and effort.

  • Improved Customer Awareness

Consumers can now easily access the exact information they request about a product using the keyword on the search engines. The access to information broadly helps them understand everything about a product or service they are getting, such as how the product is used, the benefits, and its effects.  Therefore, consumers are educated on what they consume.

  • Better Consumer Intelligence

Consumer intelligence involves understanding how customers consume or purchase a product, which involves many research analyses and statistics. The business can now track how consumers buy a product in a specific region and which geographical location has fewer sales. To the areas with less consumption, more content and marketing tactics are sent their way. The businesses conduct research and customize their content to match consumer needs, for example, the geographical posts that talk about recreational activities in a specific area. Afterward, the business talks about their services on the same page.

Finally, geotagging a picture increases the exposure of a business. The businesses can gain organic followers to their brand, which results in increased business revenue over the years. Therefore, begin by learning how to geotag pictures and videos of your business to help you start your journey to make your brand more exposed to a broader audience.