The living space consists of many parts in a house. It has a sofa, television, gallery, designer lamp and other decorative items. Sofa and their cushions can independently change the tempo of the living space. Such drastic change can be imparted only otherwise by re-painting the living space or changing the furniture. Changing the cushions and cushion covers (or pillow casings) can achieve this goal easily and cost-effectively. Changing the cushion covers is a simple yet effective way to remodel one’s house. The cost & effort to impact ratio is higher in the case of cushion retrofitting. And also, the cushion covers can seamlessly take care of the style.

How to Choose?

The right choice of cushions can brighten up the living space, reflect one’s style, and transform the whole vibe of the house interiors.

Look at the whole picture. While selecting a cushion, one has to keep in mind the colour of the living space, weather, style of the sofa and how the pillow will fit in this mosaic. It has to blend with the interiors seamlessly. When the cushion colours and patterns sync with the interior, the whole living space looks well thought out and classy.

Colour is the key. Cushions are a versatile element; one can be creative with them. Adding cushion covers to the forte will increase the permutations and combinations multifold. Purchase three to four pillow covers of different colours reflecting different seasons and moods. In this way, one can change the atmosphere of the living space instantly. The colour of the sofa and the cushions must be contrasting; a matchy-matchy approach will be self-defeating.

Place them right. Once the purchase of a designer cushion and pillow casings is finished, it is time to place them perfectly. Cushions having similar size and shape can be arranged together to give a uniform look. In contrast, to impart a heterogeneous look, cushions having different shapes and sizes can be put together. One can either opt for standard square-shaped or can go with a stylish round, rectangular or oval. The arrangement of cushions has an immense visual impact on the house interior.

Strength in numbers. Numbers matter when it comes to cushions. The number of pillows depends upon the size of the sofa. If one has traditional décor, then go for an even number of cushions. However, in contemporary style, an odd number of cushions is recommended. However, one does not have to follow any rules. After all, design is about preference which soothes the soul.

Texture and Prints. Different textures on cushions and prints can add an aesthetic appeal to the living room. Versatile choices in cushion prints can enhance the décor instantly. It can reorient the vibe of the living space effortlessly.

Tips and Suggestions

Many criteria can help one in finding the right pillow. The filling material of the pillow, for example, is a crucial one. The filling of a cushion can be all-foam, memory foam, wool, cotton, latex and polyester fill. Choose the fill according to comfort. Similarly, consider the weight, fabric, size and quality of the cushion while purchasing one. After all, it is going to change the living space dynamically.

So are you ready to cushion it up?

Designer cushions and their respective covers can alter the living space, as discussed above. The suggestions, tips and criteria mentioned in the article shall help to make the process less overwhelming.

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