The chirospot

The chirospot is a clinic that specializes in pain management and general wellness with trusty chiropractic care. They are located in castle rock chiropractic, colorado and cater to everyone, from the casual athlete to people who have been in accidents or work jobs that cause them chronic pain. This location has been open for 2 years now and has been featured in the local news for their very interesting and helpful treatments, including the use of dry needling.

Treatment used at this location

Dry needling is not a traditional acupuncture method, but it does come from the same idea; to stimulate certain areas of muscles with acupuncture needles to release tension, improve blood flow, and reduce pain. It is becoming well-known as an alternative to medication or surgery and its benefits have been proven over and over by much scientific research.

The needles used are not traditional either, but smaller than acupuncture needles that can be left in the skin for up to six hours. They stimulate specific parts of muscles that cause pain in order to improve mobility and decrease the pain

The chirospot offers a wide variety of treatment options including: removing tension in muscles, improving blood flow and circulation, adjusting bones to relocate displaced joints, rehabilitating injured muscles with stretching and massage, and so much more. They also offer adjustments for daily maintenance of your spine.

Times are changing

Pain is becoming a more common condition and it isn’t only limited to the older generation; today’s younger generations are getting back pain at much higher rates than ever before. This makes people wonder what is going on with our society, but it can be easily explained through how we live and the jobs that we do.

Our muscles are now under a lot more stress because of how we sit and type on computers, how much more sedentary our lifestyles are, the foods that we eat, etc. Our food contains a lot of processed meats or ingredients and has been shown to affect levels of serotonin in the brain which directly correlates with depression and anxiety.

Allergies have also risen significantly over the years because of pollution, lack of sunlight, and processed foods.

Innovation and technology are becoming more advanced every day; there are now machines available that can provide an exact diagnosis for your back pain instead of just guesses or trial and error with medications. These technologies make it possible to look deeper into why you have pain so the treatment can be much more effective, but it is also very expensive.

Some new innovations include a machine that allows chiropractors to create personalized 3d models of your body and spine, then simulate how different treatment options will affect pain levels in each person based off their specific injury (this would be extremely helpful because it could save money by only doing treatments on people who needed them)

Help from above!

Chiropractic care is one of the oldest forms of treatment and people have been using it for centuries because of how helpful it can be. Traditional castle rock chiropractic uses a variety of techniques like adjusting bones, pressure points, and muscles to alleviate pain. Chiropractors are also trained in nutrition so they can provide tips on what foods to eat for better overall health!

Some of the many benefits include improved range-of-motion, relief from injury or chronic pain, improved coordination and balance, increased strength in limbs and spine, better bowel function through stimulation of nerve endings near the hips that release enzymes needed for digestion.

There are even more benefits that occur when you get regular adjustments but they aren’t as noticeable some people would say. This includes stress reduction or anxiety relief, improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, and even reduced reliance on pain medications or other sources of medication.

Living the dream!

There are many more benefits than just the ones listed here; everyone’s experience with chiropractic care is different. If you would like to know more about it then come into chirospot castle rock chiropractic today for a free consultation with one of their doctors!