How can we buy green building In New Zealand?

How can we buy green building In New Zealand?

How can we buy green building In New Zealand?

A green building is a building that, in its designs, construction , eliminates all negative impacts, and can create positive impacts on our atmosphere and natural environment. Green buildings preserve some precious natural resources and improve the quality of life.

There are many features which can make a green building.

  • Efficient energy use, water and other types of resources.
  • Use of renewable energy, e.g. Solar energy
  • Good environmental air quality
  • Use of all the materials which are non toxic, ethical and also sustainable.
  • Consideration of the environment in construction, operation and in design.
  • A design that enables adaptation to the changing of environments.

Benefits of green building

Green buildings can not only reduce the negative impacts from the environment by using less water or some natural resources, but they can in many cases-have some positive impact on the environment by increasing biodiversity or by generating their own energy.

Green building save money

The cost of green building can be 3% more     than traditional forms of construction, but you will speedily make that money back in lowered utility bills. The owners of sustainable buildings save approximately 32% on their energy and water bills, including gas cooling and heating.

Green buildings are designed just around the philosophy of natural environment. Integrated design is implemented to operate, reuse, construct and then reconstruct a building in such a way that it uses water, energy and the environment in a sustainable manner.

Green buildings use material which puts the least amount of load on all the non-renewable resources, alternative energy sources like daylight and solar energy for heating the building and cooling the building, protecting the health of all the occupants.

 Disadvantages of green construction

  • Construction of green building is not a magic pills
  • Problems of technology
  • Maintenance may be much difficult
  • Unclear all the long term effects
  • Energy supply depends upon the weather condition
  • Air temperature may vary too much  over the time.

Some features of green building

Air tightness and vapor barrier in surface and building walls

Walls are able to keep out moisture and humidity from outside will make the building very cooler. Because the air conditioning system will not work so hard to cool the building. This lowers our electricity costs.

Enthalpy recovery of exhaust air

A device called an enthalpy wheel recovers which cools the air from inside and also cools the air from outside. This process dehumidifier the air from outside. This is most beneficial and and the cost efficient way to improve the air quality

And less energy consume by air conditioning system

Occupancy sensor

This lighting system turns on when it senses people in the room. This technology can be found in escalators that activate only when there are people to ride on them.

Water efficient fittings

The best faucets and flush mechanisms use less amount of water to do the same things.

Rain water harvesting

This structure catches all the rain water and then stores it in big containers. This water can then be used for water plants, supply cooling towers, or flush toilets.


The important portion of the building unpaved area should be devoted for vegetations this help to reduce the heat when concrete surface is very  common in urban areas for the absorption of heat from the sun

And radiate it to the surrounding area.

Plants also absorb some water from the rain which otherwise go to the drainage, sewers, and then contribute to flooding.