How Can Sports Help The Environmental Impact Of Today’s World?



The sports industry, in general, plays a big role in today’s world. We must acknowledge that the sports sector has an impact on the environment. Sports may be a victim of climate change, but they are also a contributing factor. All of the athletes, coaches, and fans have some impact by using flights to attend games, along with the construction of venues, the energy necessary to run facilities, all of the single-use plastics that will be distributed during events, and even the fireworks used during ceremonies. Everything has an impact on the environment, both direct and indirect. Manufacturers of any type of sports good are also affecting the whole environment and planet.

Some sports are taking place on the green list, so-called ‘green sports’. If you are a runner, swimmer, surfer, you are certainly making a positive impact on the environment.

How Can Sports Industry Help on Environmental Sustainability?

Each one of us can contribute to a better environment by recycling and using biodegradable products. This might be the most important step of sustainability. The more natural materials sports companies use, the better our environment will be for living.

However, it is impossible to include only natural fibers in the production of some goods, like heavy equipment. Luckily, new methods are coming out every year that improves the design of the products with less polluting elements and materials. You will be amazed how many products in the sporting industry are present in the market. Take a tour to the nearest Eco-Friendly Sporting Goods Store and you will not notice any difference to their initial versions, made of products that are harmful to our nature.

So many footwear so many sports gear is made of recyclable, biodegradable materials are being sold since this climate crisis hit the world. It made people more aware that we have one planet and we need to make everything in order to save it. Old, reused training shoes can become new shoes, with new technologies sports companies have already provided. Bringing back your old shoes to the sports stores, might not be a bad idea, after all, for both customers and manufacturers.

Instead of animal leather, sports ball have found their safer replacements, in most cases vegan leather, either made of plants, or synthetics. Made of PVC or TPU, Beach Volleyball Ball can be barely noticed as different from the regular ball for this sport. If we keep in mind that Outdoor Volleyball requires warm weather conditions, as well as water, TPU provides resistance to water, oil and, hot and cold conditions.

As most baseball products, including sports balls and baseball gloves, are made mostly of leather, companies producing these products have changed the real animal leather to vegan leather and have helped in saving the planet.

Sports manufacturers offer a wide choice of sports equipment for different ages and levels. For example, beginners and young players would need a sports ball of a smaller size. Sizes are different for male and female players also.

Basketball players shouldn’t be forgotten when mentioning contribution to sustainability and the impact of this sport on the environment. Maybe it is not a green sport, but the sports goods these players are using as well as sports brands supporting sustainable production, then we can say it is on the list. If you are a basketball player, you surely know which size is used by which category. Female players can get their 28.5 Basketball in any sports goods stores, while male basketball players use 29.5 Basketball.

Apart from these sports goods, sportswear is also putting their hands in environmental responsibility, making textiles out of natural fiber that is soft and easy to wear by the athletes. As mentioned before, synthetic materials are making less harm to the planet, and most importantly are providing comfort through the training and games, or whichever sports activity you choose.