Hire Article Writers to Boost Your KPIs: Everything You Need to Know

Article Writer

Article Writer

Are you thinking of hiring an expert to write articles for your online platform? That’s always a good idea. The money you spend on professional writing services is nothing compared to the financial benefits you’ll get from them. If you’re unsure what’s the right way to do this, here’s everything you need to know.

Why it’s a smart move to hire article writers

Whether you own a blog or need materials for your business’s website, you should consider getting professional help. Many entrepreneurs and content creators think there’s no need to hire article writers, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, you can probably put together a decent text, but a professional writer knows how to deliver content that boosts engagement and, ultimately, sells.

Did you know that most users read no more than 20% of the article they come across? When you put your heart and soul into your blog or use it to help your project thrive, that’s not enough. If you want to get your website visitors to engage with your content, you need an expert. They know how to write in a way that makes it near-impossible for the reader to just close the tab.

Besides, when you’re using your blog or website for business purposes, you can’t afford not to care about SEO optimization. Otherwise, no one will ever find it in the myriad of Google search results. That’s one more reason to hire article writers. They know how to make sure that your platform is google-friendly and reaches the target market.

Where to find them

Once you’ve come to terms with the idea that you need someone with impressive writing skills to produce quality content, the next step is finding them. Luckily for you, there are tons of fantastic remote work platforms and freelancers out there. As a result, you can hire a professional writer without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best options:

  • Professional writing companies, e.g., Skillhub. Skillhub, Verblio, Scripted, and other writing agencies are the perfect place to find writing talent. They may be a bit pricier than the cheapest experts on Upwork, but the quality you get for your money is way higher with them.
  • Upwork and other global freelancing platforms. Upwork needs no introduction—it’s everyone’s go-to place for finding affordable services from the global talent pool. Be thorough when you research the experts, though. Not every writer on Upwork lives up to their promises.
  • Finally, you can use LinkedIn Pro Finder if you’re a die-hard LinkedIn fan. But it’s the most expensive approach. And the search process may take you a while.

If you want an honest opinion on which of the three options is your best bet regarding the balance between the price and quality, it’s professional writing companies. They do not hire amateurs and care about their reputation enough to value every customer.

How to choose the right article writer for your needs

The downside of all platforms where you can hire article writers is the choice overload that is almost inevitable because of the number of candidates available. Whatever the job you need a writer for, you are near-guaranteed to realize that you have dozens, if not hundreds, of seemingly perfect experts to choose from. So focus on the things that matter.

First, check other customers’ reviews. If you see that 90%+ of them are positive, you can be sure that the writer you’re considering is an expert who knows what they are doing. Next, try to find those where the project was similar to yours. This way, you’ll know that the writer has experience with the type of content you’d like to order.

Also, look at the samples. Most professional writing companies and freelancers from talent-matching platforms have portfolios that let customers see what they’re about to pay for. Look through those carefully. You’ll see if the writer’s skill set matches your needs.

How to track the results: Key metrics

Finally, once you’ve got a few articles from the writer you hired, you need to track their performance to see if you should keep working with them. The three most important KPIs you should be paying attention to are:

  1. Visitors (both in terms of the number and quality). Are you getting more visitors? Do they match your target market (for example, location-wise)?
  2. Track where exactly your visitors go on your website. The articles you’ve ordered from a professional writer should catch your readers’ attention.
  3. Has the number of your likes, comments, and shares grew since you hired a professional writer? It should.

An afterword

Yes is the shortest answer to whether hiring article writers is worth it. Their content can boost your engagement and help your business thrive. And you’ll have no problem finding a good writer using professional writing agencies or freelance platforms. Just make sure to choose wisely and assess the results.