Good Ideas for Creating Social Media Videos That Grow Your Audience

Good Ideas for Creating Social Media Videos That Grow Your Audience

Good Ideas for Creating Social Media Videos That Grow Your Audience

Do you wish to increase your audience on social media platforms but find it difficult to figure out how to do so? Do you feel you are out of ideas to create content for your Instagram? Did you take a free trial TikTok followers but fail to create interesting content? Do you feel like giving up? If yes is the answer to any of the mentioned questions, hold on! Take a deep breath and relax yourselves because we have mentioned a few worth-trying ideas of creating social media videos that would help you grow your audience on your TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook account. So read through the article and start over!

  1. Explainers

Whether it is your YouTube account or TikTok account, making explainer videos is never out of fashion. Explainer videos not only help boost organic follower count but also provide you with loyal viewers who would keep coming back to your account to follow up with your content.

Explainer videos can be of multiple kinds. You can either explain the procedure of making a meal, present your opinion on some matter, or explain something to your viewers to add to their knowledge about something. In either case, the viewers get educated, inspired, and get a green card to take action on something. So you can make explainer videos for presenting your political views, explaining make-up tutorials, teaching how to cook a dish, and so forth.

  1. How-To /Guides

How-to or guides are another idea of creating engaging social media videos. Such videos are most watched on social media. Making these videos can help boost account engagement real soon, only if word selection for the captions is accurate and includes the phrases people are searching for.

How-to videos or guides help explain in detail how a product is used, how certain tasks are done, how to make DIYs, and so forth. These videos not only describe the way a thing is done but also the pros and cons or dos and don’ts to provide the viewers with a proper guide. Honest reviews and guides get you loyal viewers as your content directly influences the purchase decision of the viewers, followed by the trust they build upon you.

  1. Interview and Q&A Videos

Interview and Q&A videos are another interesting way to engage with your viewers and boost account engagement. These kinds of videos are easy to make and are highly informative for the audience. You can increase your account engagement by including questions from your followers collected through other social media platforms in your videos and indulging with them in conversations.

You can notify your audience about the upcoming interview and /or Q&A video, mentioning the topic of discussion and asking for questions they have regarding that topic, which you would include in the video later on. Then sort out questions that are relevant to your topic and answer them in your video. Such videos are a great way of sharing information about you with your audience and gaining their trust, as well as entertaining their queries or questions.

  1. Behind the Scenes (BTS)

If you own a brand or company, you can create behind-the-scenes videos for your audience. These would not only enhance engagement on your videos but also give a chance to your audience to learn more about your company or brand. This would also help gain the trust of your customers and build up your relationship with them. Some examples of such videos can be a tour of your company or office, showing the packaging procedure, and so on.

So these were some amazing ideas for your social media videos that would help grow your account. Select the one you can follow the best. Make sure not to compromise on the quality of the videos, and try to make them short and entertaining at the same time.