Gmail tracker – meaning, process, and reasons to use

Gmail tracker – meaning, process, and reasons to use

Gmail tracker – meaning, process, and reasons to use

Earlier it was not possible to know what happens after you have sent an email. The only thing you could be to wait, nothing else. We could not even have an idea, whether the mail got lost in the inbox or moved to the trash bin or spam folder. We could not even predict it. But now, with the help of innovation, it has become possible to know what happens after you have sent an email. You can check whether the mail sent has been opened by the recipient or not. Whether the attachments contained in the email have been opened or not. You may know that the competition in the market is increasing at a faster rate. Many business organizations send emails to their targeted audience. Due to this thing, a lot of mails are accumulated in the inbox of a person, it will make such a person confused and won’t be able to read even useful and relevant emails. But a Gmail tracker system can be very helpful in following up with your audience after sending mails.

What is a Gmail tracking system?

It is a process or tool that allows you to have track of the emails that you have sent to the targeted audience. The importance of this tracking is that it can help you while taking major business decisions. You can know the interest of your audience send them relevant emails, even they will find it interesting to read your emails and get the relevant information.

Working process of a Gmail tracking system

It is not a complex process, it is very simple. As soon as the email that you have sent has been opened by any person, you will get the notification that the email has been opened. However, you won’t only be provided with the notification that the email has been opened but along with this,you will also be provided with the time at which such email was opened. Through this, you can estimate the email reading time of the person.

Apart from all the things mentioned above, you still might have a doubt in your mind that why there is a need for a Gmail tracking system. If you are having such a doubt, you can refer to the points given below to clear your doubts.

  • It will help you in saving time: One of the main reasons to have this system in operation is that it helps in saving time. You just be wondering how this system can help in saving time. Let us explain to you how it saves time. Earlier, when organizations used to send emails to the audience, they used to send further emails without even taking into account whether the earlier emails would have been opened or not. In such a case, if the reader has not read the earlier mail then there are the chances that they won’t read further emails as well. In such a case, it becomesa wastage of time to send emails that won’t even be opened by the recipients. But in the case of a Gmail tracking system, you can easily have evidence of who has opened your email or who has not. Based on this evidence, you can decide to whom follow-up emails should be sent. Because the recipients who have read the first email tend to read follow-up emails as well. This way, you won’t be wasting any time in sending emails to those who are not even likely to open your emails.
  • It helps in providing context: Another reason that encourages the need of using a Gmail tracking system is that it assists an organization by providing context for the emails to be sent to a targeted audience. This system is one of the ways that can assist you in making contact with potential clients. You might be thinking that how it can help in making contact with potential clients. Let us tell you that with the help of this tool, you won’t only be provided with the notification of an email being opened but for how many times such an email has been opened can also be known. When you know which person is opening your email the most number times. Furthermore, which type of email is being opened by such a person. This way, you know about the interest of the recipients and provide them with relevant emails in the future. It will help you to increase your sales and profitability. Using such information by taking into account the read receipts of your emails, you can attract them by providing discount offers through sales.

These two are the reasons that explain that why a Gmail tracking system should be brought into operation. If you are also willing to use this tool for your business, all you will be required to do is to install an app on your system for this purpose.