6 Fruits to Redefine Pizzas: Try These Flavours at Your Next Dinner Party

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We often come across people with an intense distaste for fruit on pizza. Although the savoury and salty pizza bunch is huge, a new group that appreciates the sweet is emerging. More than just the traditional pineapple and ham combination is gaining popularity. The flavours are changing to include fresh summer fruits, all-season fruits, and even some canned varieties. 

Have you been wondering what fruit toppings to explore for a pizza party? Then look at the below list for fresh and new culinary ideas.

Fruit Ideas to Use as Pizza Toppings 


Peaches make a perfect juicy addition to pizza toppings. Their sweet taste is mouth-watering, especially when combined with a balsamic reduction on the pizza.  

Besides, they are low in calories and offer numerous health benefits. When preparing your pizza, add fresh basil and mozzarella for a divine flavour combination.  


Kiwi fruit adds a tangy yet pleasantly tasteful surprise when it is part of pizza toppings. The salty cheese, tartness, and tanginess of the kiwi produce an explosion of flavours any curious mind will appreciate.  

Try to make the sweetest dessert pizza by combining it with strawberries. Kids, especially, will love this as a family project you can all do together.


Have you run out of breakfast ideas? Then replace the oats with a blueberry pizza surprise for your loved ones. Blueberries are great for improving metabolism, and adding them to pizza is a different treat.  

They add a tangy yet sweet taste to the gooey cheese’s deliciousness. For a more pronounced blueberry flavour, crush and sprinkle some coriander on top of the berries. 


For a pizza with just the perfect amount of sweetness, grapes are ideal. The red seedless variety goes well with rich cheese types, creating a mildly sweet and crisp taste. Try out a unique pizza recipe by combining different kinds of grapes.  

The green variety, however, is crunchier and slightly tart. These, therefore, combine well with creamy, softer cheeses. Each bite’s different bursts of flavour will make for good conversation among your guests. 


Lemon slices as toppings are great as they add a springy freshness to the pizza by reducing the smoky taste of mozzarella.  

If you do not have fresh lemons, lemon preserves also work perfectly. Wow, your guests with the different yet delicious lemon flavours. 


Cherries combine well with feta cheese as toppings, giving a sweet and salty taste for the best summer pizza. Create a simple ingredients pizza with loads of flavour your party guests will appreciate.  

For a crispier taste, sprinkle fresh greens and balsamic vinegar, and grill it instead of baking it in the oven. 


Trying out new culinary experiences is a wonderful adventure for even the most reserved taste buds. As the world’s food preference changes, so have the choices of topping one can use on their pizza. You are not limited to the above six fruits only. Pick any random favourite and make it work.  

As an unspoken rule, creating mouth-watering pizzas also requires the right equipment. Invest in the best quality pizza indoor and outdoor ovens available.