4 Free and Easy Methods to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 and 11

Adobe PDF is the most popular document format in education and business territories, and it’s always important to create PDFs from various types of resource materials including the widely-used image format JPG. There are many ways to convert images to PDF documents, and we’ll help you find out the best of them.

On this page, you’ll find 4 free and easy methods to convert JPG to PDF on Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers easily. With these methods, you can easily convert images saved on your computers or mobile phones to Adobe PDF documents with ease, saving screenshots into PDF, for instance.

Method 1. How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 Online

I’m starting with the convenient method of converting JPG or JPEG images to PDF on Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers, using an online JPG-to-PDF converter. And in this part of the tutorial, we recommend and will demonstrate the popular PDF converter tool: PDFgear.

PDFgear is a free and powerful web-based PDF converter tool that allows you to convert to or from PDFs. And with its powerful JPG to PDF converter tool, you get to convert large-sized JPG to PDF in seconds, and there’s a batch conversion mode for you to deal with multiple JPGs at a time.

It works on Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, making it the best PDF conversion option no matter where you are. With it, you can easily make a PDF on your iPhone or Android phones as well.

Step 1. Go to PDFgear

To convert JPG to PDF, go to the PDFgear online JPG to PDF converter tool from the official website.



Step 2. Convert JPG to PDF in PDFgear

Hit the Choose files button to import the JPG images you intend to convert, import multiple JPG in the next window if needed, and then the JPG to PDF conversion will start automatically.



Step 3. Download Converted PDF

Lastly, hit the Download button to download the JPG-converted PDF document to your Windows computer.



Method 2. How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 Using Print to PDF

Using the built-in Microsoft Print to PDF feature on computers with Windows operating systems is another good way to convert any JPG and JPEG images into PDF documents. The best part about this method is that you don’t need to install any free or paid software for the job, the built-in option already helps you with that.

The Microsoft Print to PDF feature allows you to print practically anything on your Windows computer screen into an image-based PDF document. Just make sure you’ve previously enabled it on your Windows computer.



Step 1. Find the JPG image on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Open the JPG image using any photo viewer application on your Windows computer, like Microsoft Photos.

Step 3. On Windows, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P to call out the Microsoft Print to PDF feature.

Step 4. From the Microsoft Print to PDF settings, customize the Printer, Orientation, Page size, Photo size, Page Margins, Fit, and more settings.

Step 5. Lastly, hit the Print button to print your JPG image to PDF on Windows using Microsoft Print to PDF.

Method 3. How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 Offline

In some cases, say that you’re out on a business and you don’t have a stable internet connection, and you’re on such short notice that you need to create dozens of PDF documents using a stack of images, and the online converters and the Microsoft Print to PDF won’t help in that case.

To solve these kinds of issues, what you need is a dedicated piece of PDF converter software, and the best one is PDFgear Desktop, a completely free PDF management program that offers tons of practical features including JPG to PDF conversions.

Meanwhile, as one of the best free PDF editors for Windows, PDFgear Desktop also provides many practical PDF editing features including annotation, highlighting, signatures, and more.



Step 1. Download and install PDFgear Desktop from PDFgear’s official website.

Step 2. Launch PDFgear Desktop and go to the Image to PDF converter tool.



Step 3. Click the Add Files button to import one or more JPG images for conversion.

Step 4. Choose the page settings for the conversion

Step 5. Choose an output folder from the box below.

Step 6. Hit the Convert button from the lower right corner to start the conversion.

Method 4. How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows 10 Using Chrome

Using the web browsing application Chrome is an uncommon way to convert JPG to PDF on Windows, but it’s surprisingly practical and useful for those who haven’t tried it yet. So if you’re running a Chromebook or you have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer, this method will come in handy for you.

You’ll have to load the JPG in the Chrome browser, and use the inbuilt printing feature to print JPG to PDF in Chrome, and here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Open up the Google Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Open the folder that contains the JPG images that you need to convert into PDFs.

Step 3. Drag and drop the JPG image into the interface of the Google Chrome browser.

Step 4. In Google Chrome, click on the triple dots icon from the upper-right side, and select Print… from the options.

Step 5. From the Print settings, adjust the print Destination, Pages, Layout, Color, and more.

Step 6. Hit the Print button and then choose an output file folder to Print JPG to PDF in chrome.


This article is to help you find an easy method to convert your JPG images to PDF on your Windows 11, Windows 10, and even Windows 7 computers, and I hope you already found one. As mentioned, the method using the PDFgear online JPG to PDF converter tool is the best way to change JPG into PDF overall, so make sure to give it a try.