Franna Cranes: 7 Interesting Facts



Cranes are commonly used to lift and move heavy loads on construction sites, building projects and in harbours. This piece of heavy-duty machinery is often used in the automobile industry, for storage of shipping containers and in manufacturing processes. Lifting and hauling tasks would fail on most large-scale projects if a crane wasn’t part of the fleet.

Depending on the project, different crane types such as Franna cranes are needed to perform various tasks successfully and safely. You can buy or make use of Franna crane hire Melbourne hiring companies have available to get the equipment your situation needs.

Read on if you’re still wondering if the Franna crane is the right piece of machinery to hire for your project. We share some interesting facts about this versatile and popular crane!

Franna Cranes: 7 Interesting Facts About This Type of Machinery

1. It Originated in Australia

In 1980, engineer Dave Francis introduced the innovative Franna crane to the world. Also known as a pick and carry crane, the Franna was named after the engineer’s two daughters, Anna and Francis.

It didn’t take long for the Franna crane to become popular throughout Australia and eventually, the rest of the world. What’s more, regardless of which brand makes a pick and carry crane, it’s always referred to as a Franna!

2. It Can Be Used for Small and Large-Scale Projects

The Franna crane is extremely versatile, available in a range of sizes and power. It can be used on both small and large-scale projects. This pick and carry crane can operate in tight areas. It has a combination of features, allowing it to perform various applications efficiently. No task is too big or small for this innovative crane!

3. It’s Road-Friendly

One feature that makes the Franna crane so popular among users is that it can travel on roads. This cuts down operation costs for project managers working on a tight budget. It also means there’s little downtime when the crane needs to be at a different location. Instead of waiting for transport to move this mobile unit, the operator can get moving and drive the machinery on the road to the next destination.

4. It Has a Wide Range of Lifting Capacities

Franna cranes come with different lifting capacities. This also means each crane has unique features to assist with the safe lifting of heavy loads. Franna cranes can usually lift anything between 10 and 40 tonnes. Some can handle even more.

A larger Franna crane comes with a wider cabin and long boom while a smaller one has a shorter jib.

4. It Offers Flexibility on Project Sites

Maneuverability through narrow spaces is easy when using a Franna crane. It can be used to install swimming pools and can travel far distances while carrying a load. It’s adaptable to most conditions while being safe to use in the most compact spaces.

Achieving additional reach is possible with an extendable telescopic boom. And, operation on most terrains is possible although a level surface is optimal.

5. It is a Cross Between a Truck and a Crane

The Franna crane owes its versatility to its innovative design. It moves around like a truck and has all the features of a truck. But, it operates as a crane and has the power necessary to perform lifting and hauling jobs. The combination means you can save costs. Rather than have separate trucks and cranes on your fleet, you simply need this piece of machinery for your project.

6. One Feature Sets it Apart From Other Mobile Cranes

One main feature sets the Franna crane apart from other mobile cranes. It doesn’t have stabilising legs. Setting up of this crane is then quick and easy with no fiddling. However, the lack of this feature does limit the Franna to operating only on firm, level ground. It also means you need an experienced driver to operate this piece of machinery safely.

7. Franna Cranes Are Owned by an American Brand

Since its origins in Australia, the Franna crane brand has changed ownership twice. First in 1983 when Brain Hain and Lou Parolin bought the business from the original developer, Dave Francis. The two men continued to manufacture pick and carry cranes, using the Franna design. The business was sold to the U.S heavy equipment manufacturer, Terex in 1999. The crane is now referred to as Terex-Franna.

Ready to Try it Yourself?

The Franna crane is one of the most popular cranes used on most sites for a number of interesting reasons! When buying or hiring a Franna crane, it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s safe for use on both public roads and when performing various applications on your project site. Using a general guide for cranes will keep you fully informed on what to do when you add this piece of machinery to your fleet.

Using a Franna crane means complying with certain standards and improvements need to be put in place before using one onsite. Doing this will keep your workforce safe, whether operating the Franna crane or working in its vicinity.