Five Ideal Practicing Strategies That You Are Missing When Practicing Piano



There are many reasons why you may want to learn how to play the piano. For instance, you may do it for fun or have an upcoming concert that you expect to perform in. Either way, you will need to have the best piano practice a lot for you to be in a position to produce perfect music. SoundHalo wrote these detailed reviews of some of the best pianos that you can get. After you have had the best piano, the next step is practicing and using the right practicing strategies. Below are some excellent practicing strategies that you could be missing as a pianist that you can use for better practicing results.

Proper Listening

Listening is an integral part of any musician who wants to improve their skills. Unfortunately, it is not something that most people love doing unless you have a piece that you are working on. However, for you to be a perfect pianist, you need to be saturated with music in your environment. Frequently listening to music is one of the surest ways to help you create this musically saturated environment. Additionally, the kind of music you listen to is not what you are working on but general music that you can listen to as you do other activities. On the other hand, get pieces of recordings that you would love to work on and hear to them. The music saturation that you get through listening helps you perform better when you get to practice it on your piano.

Practice Slowly

More often than not, you will hear piano teachers talking about the deliberate practice of the piano. Ideally, this may seem annoying, especially since you want to learn faster and be a professional pianist within a short time. However, when it comes to learning a musical instrument such as a piano, deliberate practice is not a waste of time than a sure way of learning the piano faster. The much strain and struggle that you put in during deliberate practice are rewarded when you get on stage and perform an incredible piece. That is because you will have given your brain adequate time to process what is going on gradually. Therefore, when practicing, try the slow learning method to learn at least one technique per session.




When practicing piano on your own, you are probably doing it to be perfect when you are playing before an audience. For this reason, when you are exercising, do not get tired of repeating. In music, the principal to follow is practice until you cannot get it wrong. Therefore, getting a certain set of music right for one time does not mean that you are now a pro in the area. When learning music, different teachers may specify the number of times you need to repeat a certain piece, whether you are doing it right. The more you happen, the better you become, and you reduce the chances of making a mistake during a live performance.

Find A Good Routine And Stick To It

Like in the case of body exercising, acquiring a piano practicing routine and sticking to it is easier said than done. That is, if you realize that you have improved or learned a new skill. After a while, you may get swept up in a busy schedule that will overtake the time that you expected to be playing the piano. Therefore, when getting started, set aside a specific time you plan to practice. Additionally, strive your best to ensure that you stick to this routine regardless of the many distractions that you may have. In case your schedule is too tight, you may have short, frequent sessions on the piano. Otherwise, if you take too long without playing the piano, you will always need to remind yourself of something that you had already learned, making it hard for you to improve your skills.

Have Objectives And Assess Them

In every given situation, you need to have goals that you are working towards to know how productive a session was. For this reason, at the beginning of every session, set the goals that you intend to attain. Additionally, at the end of the course, assess to ascertain whether the goal has been achieved. That will give you a motivation to continue working and thus improving your goals.

Learning piano is not only fun but also has other incredible benefits. However, as experts have observed, trainers ignore critical strategies, making the training harder than they should be. Above are some of these practicing strategies that you should include when training piano and training easier and more interesting.

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