Few tips to help you ace first year of college



Bidding farewell to high school is a bitter sweet experience. At one hand you’re happy to be finally done with school and are excited to venture into what life has in store for you while, on the other hand the hollow feeling you have to be leaving behind your comfortable life and childhood friends. It’s an end of a chapter and the beginning of another one which is college.

College is a rollercoaster ride. Besides hours and hours of classes, it is more like a growing and thriving period. It’s basically four gruesome years of plain adulthood. The first year can not only be intimidating but also fairly tough for most students so we’re here to help! Here are few tips to get on the college grind during your first year of college.

  1. Take notes

Well, it is how they say it – take good notes to score good grades. College is nothing like High School which is why you must leave back all your notes taking techniques back there. Here, you need to have a proper notebook to jot down whatever is being explained. With that said, make sure whatever is being written on the board is present in your notes as trust me; those are the most important bits. Not only that, make sure you get all the key points down which you can make sense of right before a midterm or even a painful pop up quiz. Further, it can be difficult to be vigilant all the time which is where your socializing skills come in. Make friends with your classmates and form a study group which compliments each other to save yourself from last minute nightmares.

  1. Respect!

So, all through your four years you will have a roommate. As unexciting it is to share a room with a stranger, it is fairly important to be respectful to them since they’re pretty much going through the same anxiousness. With that said, make sure you give them enough space for them to be comfortable because trust me when I say, these roommates can become your number confidante for the rest of your life.

  1. Make an effort to meet new people

College is a great place to socialize which is why you must make most of it. It’s definitely pretty scary to be thrown in the deep end with long classes, unending assignments and new faces all around. It all can be pretty intimidating which is why you must make an effort to meet new people. Sure, we understand you have too much on your plate which is why you must prioritize. Some days it’s important to stay back in dorm to do homework while on other days, you must go out to parties and socializing events. For days when you can’t manage to write a paper, you can hit up online resources like that of paperhelp.org which provides tremendous professional paper writer for you to choose from so what are you waiting for? It’s just a click away!