Fashion management: All you need to know about the course



While the glamorous side of the industry is dominated by fashion designers and models, fashion brand managers are responsible for the business’s seamless operation. The fashion business has been around for decades and has been constantly changing with time. It has now evolved to be a multibillion-dollar industry. Fashion is a broad topic encompassing everything from the glamour of the industry to business operations.

Those managing various aspects of fashion management play an imperative role in managing tasks and ensuring functionality. The scope of work further includes marketing knowledge, sales, purchasing, and inventory management.


Fashion management courses teach you about the business and operations of the fashion industry. They provide a broad understanding of how the fashion business operates inside out. It includes concepts like brand building, marketing, business management, merchandising, and fashion forecasting.

Through field trips and internships, you get further exposure to creative marketing, progressive management approaches, information technology advancements, and company directions. For this, you need to complete undergraduate and post-graduate courses of five years in total along with eight and 16-week internships.


The manifold growth in the fashion market has led to the demand for professionals sensitive to market dynamics and business strategy development. The foundation design course nurtures students to sharpen their capabilities in leadership, entrepreneurship, management, and behaviour, building new career paths and evolving the fashion landscape. With the help of this course, you develop a mix of hard and soft skills.

You learn how to do market research, analyse the elements driving customer behaviour, and create effective promotional and advertising strategies. With the fashion scenario growing rapidly, courses and opportunities are on the rise. These factors make the course desirable and rewarding.


While studying courses in design from reputed universities in India, you learn to apply creative thinking to a commercial context. Through the lens of the creative fashion industry, you grasp business and management practices, giving you an edge over others. You combine these skills with a detailed understanding of the practices in the fashion industry to meet unique challenges.

A fashion manager is responsible for creating new and innovative strategies for marketing services to increase awareness and demand in the market. They also conduct in-depth research and analysis of the prevailing trends to predict the success of their services. However, you need to keep price and usability at the focal point.


Fashion business management equips you to respond to new realities by combining the study of fashion with an in-depth understanding of supply chain, retail operations, customer behaviour, brand promotion, and market trends. If you are inclined towards building a career in this field, you can select the relevant courses to satisfy your creative spirit and provide you with an opportunity of becoming famous by entering the highly coveted fashion industry.