Expert Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Your Motocross Boots

Motocross Boots

Motocross Boots

If you often participate in racing events or ride your dirt bike, cleaning your boots is of utmost importance!

It can take a while to thoroughly clean your equipment and vehicle of the muck. However, maintaining them in good shape is essential if you want your shoes to last and be comfortable while riding.

Here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips for your motocross boots that may help them stay in good condition.


First, and most simply, remove all the dirt chunks from the boots. After that, wash them down with a brush and some mild soapy water, making sure to get the wrinkles and crevices. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach since they can damage the inside lining, leather, and plastic. Additionally, stay away from any detergents that contain the word “oxy” because oxygen acts as bleach. This task is suitable for dishwashing soap.

Tip: Use a low-pressure sprayer instead. However, if using a high-pressure sprayer is necessary, try to do so while keeping a safe distance.

Start with a Spray

Make sure that most of the heavy dirt has been removed after soaking the boots (don’t neglect the soles!). The next step is to fasten them, followed by a generous application of degreaser to help break down any oils, chain lube, or general wear and tear that your boots may have accumulated. Use the tried-and-true method for cleaning the inside of motocross boots, however, if they have been drowned in filthy water and are so revolting that even animals won’t live in them.

Tip: It won’t take much to get the job done; simply a tiny scrub brush with a handle and an old toothbrush will do. Because the handle is comfortable to hold and allows you to reach into the gaps, fingernail scrub brushes are very effective.

Scrub Brush and an Old Toothbrush

Your motocross boots will dry much more quickly and will have all the water from the inside of the boot removed if you stand them upside down outside in the sun on concrete after washing and rinsing them. Simply insert the boot dryers inside your boots, then leave them alone for a few hours.

Tip: Both a wall outlet at home and a cigarette lighter connection in your car will work with these dryers!

5 Quick Tips to Maintain Your Motocross Boots

If you want to make your boots last long, don’t forget to follow these maintenance tips.

  1. Regularly Clean Them: After each ride, clean them off with a moist cloth to remove any mud and dirt.
  2. Let Them Dry Naturally: Avoid using a heat source to hasten the drying process as this could harm the leather or vinyl.
  3. Put on Some Conditioner: Apply a conditioner to the boots once a week to keep them flexible and soft.
  4. Preserve Them in a Cool Area: When not in use, boots should be stored in a cool, dry location.
  5. If the Laces Become Worn, Buy New Ones: If you ride frequently, it’s a good idea to replace the laces every six months or so. Buying new boots will significantly enhance your riding comfort while enhancing your on-road confidence.


It is no secret that motocross boots are designed to last long but regular wear and tear can negatively impact their life. Consider these cleaning and maintenance tips to extend the lifespan of your dirt bike boots and make them look good throughout the years.