Expat Living: How Much Does It Cost to Have a Wedding in Singapore?



Are you thinking of moving to Singapore for any reason? If so, congrats because you’re up to something great. What if you’re planning to marry there as an expat? What should you know, and how much do Singaporean weddings cost? Well, the country’s law allows visiting foreigners to marry while in the country.

The marriages should be registered like those of citizens or permanent residents. The Registry of Marriages (ROM) is mandated with the responsibility, and everyone contemplating a legal marriage should follow its laid-down procedures. Let’s discuss what to expect of weddings in Singapore as an expat.

The Marriage Procedure

The ROM has specified requirements that couples-to-be must adhere to before marrying. The first step is usually to file a notice of marriage, which is done online. Suppose either the bride or bridegroom isn’t a Singaporean or permanent resident. In that case, at least one of them must be physically present in the country for 15 days or more before filing the notice.

You will need a National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) for citizens and passports for expats to file the notice. The bride, groom, and two witnesses need to have those documents. If you plan to solemnize the matrimony outside the ROM offices, a “Solemnizer Consent Form” that’s duly filled is required. The notice should be given within a minimum of 21 days before you can get married. You’ll also need to pay the marriage fees whether the solemnization will occur at the ROM or outside.

The next step is to receive a system-generated appointment for documents’ verification, which will occur at the ROM and requires both the bride and groom’s presence. This should take place one to 14 days before the solemnization date. The solemnization process should occur within three months after the notice is filed. External venue solemnizations are required to be conducted by a Licensed Solemnizer.

The Cost of Wedding

Singapore is the most expensive city to live in, and like anything else, weddings are also costly. You can opt to do it or not; the choice is independent. To avoid the expenses of marrying through this means, many people resort to finish their marriage processes at the ROM. What if you decide to wed, though? What should you expect to be the total cost? I can’t tell how much an individual will spend exactly as expenses and preferences vary. However, this section seeks to provide an average cost for having a wedding in Singapore. Let’s break down the cost into the necessary components and give estimates of a typical wedding:


How much do you expect to spend before the D-day? is it hundreds or thousands of dollars? Again, that depends on personal budget and choices. The items during this period can cost you as follows:

  • Dowry. This can range between S $ 5,000 to S $ 20,000 according to the family’s customs you’re handling. Dowry can comprise jewelry and betrothal gifts that the groom gives the bride’s family. You can plan for a minimum of S$5k or more.
  • Bridal Package. The cost here will depend on where the packages are obtained. Items like dress, gowns, suits, makeup, hairstyles, and other relevant things form part of this budget. A budget of between S$3,000 to S$6,000 or S$10,000 if you’ll go for designer stuff, will suffice.
  • Photo Shoot. The cost of a prewedding photoshoot can vary dramatically depending on the photographer and location. The number of sites and photos you decide to take will also impact this cost. A budget of S$1,000 to S$10,000 will work well, depending on your expectations.
  • Wedding Rings. This comprises both the proposal/engagement ring and those used for vow exchanges on the D-day. Rings might look simple, but they’re costly. The amount you’ll spend will vary with the material type and whether or not they’re designer brands. Setting aside S$2,000 to S$6,000 for the purchase of the wedding bands is a proper plan.

The Wedding Day

A wedding day is the best day of many people’s lives, and they would want to have a wonderful experience. If you’re doing a wedding in Singapore, you need to plan appropriately for this day. Below are expenses related to it:

  • Solemnization. The officiating of marriage also takes place at a fee set by the ROM in Singapore. It’s done by Licensed Solemnizers who have volunteered to help the government in that respect. You can rent a simple venue or hold it at the ROM for a minimum fee of S$1,000. You can also set aside about S$5,000 to cater to fancy lunches and impressive venues with floral arrangements.
  • Wedding Banquets. It usually forms the largest share of the budget. The price of these wedding banquets vary from one place to another, and the number of guests. It can even go up to S$95,000, but having between S$30,000 to S$50,000 will be sufficient to host about 300 guests.
  • Photography/videography. It’s your big day, and memories have to be kept. Considering that, you’ll need to hire at least one photographer and videographer to capture the whole of the event. That can cost between S$2,000 to $ $10,000 depending on who you hire.
  • Other Miscellaneous Costs. It won’t be possible to have a fixed budget. There are additional costs that will need to be covered, like entertainment and other unexpected expenses. Spare at least S$1,000 to S$2,000 for them.


Finally, you’re done with all the long period of planning and executing the event. Now it’s time to enjoy your perfect honeymoon together. How much are you spending? Where are you going? Is it within Singapore or overseas? Most people want to experience the best by traveling and going to exotic places. If you’re like that, be sure to part with between S$5,000 to S$10,000.

The Bottom Line

Let’s find out the total cost of a wedding in Singapore. How much can someone spend from prewedding to post-wedding? Well, summing up all those expenses, the estimated total cost of a typical Singaporean wedding will cost between S$50,000 (minimum) and S$130,000 or even more if you decide to go far too much and hold a luxurious wedding. If you’re planning to wed in Singapore, take time and assess your financial situation first. Do you have the cash? If not, check A1 Credit for wedding and financial-related advice.