Everything you Need to Know about the Chinese Super League  

Chinese Super League

Chinese Super League

The Chinese super league, better known as the Chinese football league, has been around for some time now and has always made the headlines through its investments by wealthy businesspeople in buying international football players.

They have bought some established European players who currently play in high-placed teams earning big salaries. These players include Hulk, Dario Conca, Obafemi Martins, Asamoah Gyan, to mention just a few.

The Chinese Super League has always been labeled as a second division league and therefore never attracted big crowds or earned big money from endorsements or TV rights, unlike British premier leagues and the Spanish La Liga. They only made any noise when they bought foreign players with high salaries.

What is the Chinese Super League?

The Chinese Super League is the highest in the football league system in China. It was established back in 2004 when it replaced the old Jia-A. The league has 18 competing teams and started with 12 teams in 2004 before expanding to 16 in 2012, then to 18 in 2015 after two former Chinese Football Association Member Clubs were re-organized and returned to the CSL. The league is getting bigger and better as more investors are coming gradually into it.

Who Are Some Of These Investors?

Well, you will be surprised at how big Chinese businesses have become and their aspirations of taking the world by storm. We take a look at some of these companies:

  • Wanda Group is one of the leading real estate development companies in China.
  • Dalian Wanda plans to make a whopping €400 million investment into Spanish football team Atletico Madrid for a 20% share stake. They also recently bought 20% of Legendary Entertainment for $3 billion and acquired Infront Sports and Media, a sports marketing agency, for approximately $1.05 billion.
  • Fosun is another excellent corporation that bought Wolverhampton Wanderers FC in the English second division football league for about €45 million. They also have a joint venture with Cirque du Soleil to develop live entertainment ventures in China.

How many teams are in the Chinese Super League?

The CSL currently has 18 teams playing in the league.

What is the Chinese Super League trophy called?

The Chinese Super League Trophy resembled a modern watering can and was designed by British firm ‘IJP.’ The trophy weighs 8.5 kilograms and is made of sterling silver with a height of 43 centimeters, and is worth $30,000.

How much does a CSL football player earn on average?

The Chinese Super League football players earn between €125,000 and €400,000 on average per week, which is actually above the prime stars who ply their trade in the European premier league such as Cristiano Ronaldo earning €365,00 per week and Wayne Rooney making €260,000 per week.

Who are the highest-paid CSL players in history?

Some high-profile players moved to China for fat pay packets, including Brazilian midfielder Oscar, Argentine midfielder Carlos Tevez, and Uruguayan striker Darío Conca. These footballers were among the highest-paid players globally, earning astronomical salaries.

When it comes to Chinese football league coaches, they are paid between $845,000 and $8.8 million per year, depending on their experience and achievements.

What is the highest attendance record in the Chinese Super League?

The Chinese Super League used to average about 22,000 spectators per game, but this has since dropped due to poor performance by some clubs. The highest ever recorded attendance was at a match between Guangzhou Evergrande and Beijing Guoan, with 55,966 spectators in 2014.

Which club has the highest number of followers on social media?

The Chinese Super League was created to improve their national team chances in international football tournaments such as the World Cup, and they set up this league to help achieve that. Many Chinese football clubs on social media have been overgrowing, and Guangzhou Evergrande leads the pack on Weibo with 35.9 million followers.

League Attendance

The league experienced an average attendance of 22,198 in the 2016 CSL season, which dropped from its peak of 26,569 in 2012. It can be attributed to China’s slowing economy and inadequate preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The league is not attracting investors as previously because they are not making enough returns.

It is also partly due to the poor performance of some of the teams in the league and foreign players leaving for bigger leagues such as Europe.

How can you watch CSL matches?

You can watch the games live on many sports channels, such as beIN Sports Arabia and Fox Sports. You will also find that most Chinese Super League games are available for viewing on a pay-per-view basis.

Chinese Super League

Chinese Super League

Bottom line

The Chinese Super League is a cash cow, and they have been investing heavily in players to raise the league’s profile. The Chinese Super League is on the rise, and it has made great strides over recent years. Especially with infrastructure, globalization of its brand, sponsorship deals, and having some of the world’s best footballers as their members. With some more astute planning and a good team spirit, they have a real chance of reaching the top.