Everything You Need to Know about SmallRig Teleprompters



There is a high demand for curated content when it comes to two scenarios: the news anchors are reporting on the scene, and the social media influencers are creating valuable videos. All of that content begins with a script that needs to be read by reporters and influencers in order to better express their points for their target audience to absorb. Those creators can memorize the script or use the simple technology of a DSLR teleprompter.

While you and your team may be off-road in a new location without the benefits of a formal film studio, that does not mean you cannot get the conveniences necessary to ensure a quality video product. For example, using a reliable DSLR rig with a teleprompter attachment helps you better express your content to your followers and audience.

How to Solve the Problem of Memorizing a Script

Even in the early days of TV and film, there has been an issue of actors or broadcasters forgetting their lines. Some producers use innovative techniques to help their actors express the quality content they intended, but those innovations do not always work out. Examples include:

  • Read Lines from Printed Displays– This is still used in shows like Saturday Night Live, where the audience already knows the fact that someone is physically holding oversized cue cards for script aides. In reality, this requires an assistant to hold up the cards and looks completely unnatural for video performances.
  • Edit Smaller Takes Together – If you have advanced editing skills, you can always have your subjects or actors deliver single lines at a time. This may work out okay, but it requires a ton of extra work to assemble all of those takes together into single video output.
  • Use a Teleprompter – The best way to get a natural video and performance is by having the script located in the same place the subject or actor should be looking to connect with their audience.

The Benefits of Using a DSLR Teleprompter



DSLR teleprompters ensure your audience enjoys your smooth performance that stays on track with the provided script. You have already put in the work to write an engaging script that ensures certain news or story touchpoints are hit to increase enjoyment.

A quality device like a SmallRig DSLR teleprompter also helps you and your team get a smooth viewing experience with direct communication. Your news reporter, influencer, or actor can be looking directly into the camera, so the delivery of their lines is clear, concise, and has the emotional backing that audiences love to associate with. This solution also eliminates any need for lengthy memorization.

Instead of having to spend days or weeks digesting new material, you can review the script a few times ahead and then begin the shooting process, even having only a cursory understanding of the content direction. This allows authentic human interaction that audiences want to see in the video content.

Why Should You Choose SmallRig DSLR teleprompter TP10 3374



SmallRig has spent years perfecting photography and Videography accessories that empower your next recording session. The SmallRig TP10 3374 is the perfect model for your DSLR teleprompter. It delivers smooth script reading via a fixable and durable mobile attachment. You’ll be able to replay any script from the convenience of your smartphone, camera, and tablet instead of having to rote every sentence while still having the risk of forgetting words.

This DSLR teleprompter fits all tablets and smartphones under 11 inches (19cm) with an extendable base plate that ensures horizontal orientation, so the text is displayed correctly. The complete SmallRig DSLR teleprompter also has two built-in cold shoe mounts for additional LED light and extended microphones so that your voice can be captured more clearly.

Final Words

To get started with the incredible products from the team at SmallRig, visit their website to get more specifications. SmallRig has a wide variety of offerings to be of help to your video recordings. Their customer services team will happily walk you through the available options and accessories for your specific camera model, including finding an appropriate DSLR teleprompter for your next video recording. So, visit SmallRig today and enhance your capabilities!