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Citations are required in academic papers, research papers and including essays. These citations come in various styles, all of which a student should be aware of. The research paper citation rules differ based on the student’s style, especially if the professor has approved it.

Common formats of referencing

Whether you pay for essay or write it yourself, you’ll most likely use one of the following forms, each with its own rules. They include the following:

  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • The American Psychological Association (APA)
  • The American Medical Association (AMA)
  • Chicago Manual Style
  • Harvard

Knowing when to cite a source

You must know when to reference a source as a student. Remember that the golden rule for preventing plagiarism in an academic paper is to cite your sources. As a result, whenever possible, you must add a citation. If you’re unsure whether or not you can mention a source, go ahead and do it anyhow. You can cite a research article in the following ways:

  • Make use of an exact quote from the source
  • Summarize an idea, opinion, or concept of another writer
  • Cite any data, facts, or information that you used in your research paper
  • When a citation isn’t required

When can you stop using citations in your research paper now that you know when you can?

If the information you’re using is common knowledge, mentioning a study article is pointless. For example, everyone is familiar with Russia’s president. If you’re not sure whether or not something is common knowledge, go ahead and reference it. 

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Types of sources

Before diving into the many sorts of research paper citations and forms, it’s important to understand the various types of sources available. Primary, secondary, and peer-reviewed sources are all available.

Primary source

When mentioning primary materials in a research paper, you must know if they are in their original form or have been digitized. They can be reprinted or replicated in some way as well. They provide firsthand accounts of a historical event or period. Primary sources are usually the actual document, although they can also include artifacts, tests and audiovisuals.

Secondary source

In that they are written about original sources, these are steps removed from sources. Discussions, comments, and interpretations of the primary source or the original material might be included. They could be articles from periodicals, journals, or newspapers. Textbooks, encyclopedias, plays, film reviews, critical commentary, and so on are examples.

Peer-reviewed source

You’ll uncover peer-reviewed sources as you learn how to reference a research paper. They are published in a medical or professional journal as articles. It’s possible that this publication may be a journal. Top researchers have various critiques on a given topic when using peer-reviewed sources. In every scholarly discipline, the sources are credible and of high quality. The following are some of their characteristics:

  • They list the publication or journal as well as the author’s credentials.
  • They’re an excerpt from a larger publication.
  • Endnotes, in-text citations, references, footnotes, referenced works, bibliographies, and appendices.
  • There are parts on methodology, conclusion, and results.
  • Tables, graphs, and charts are included.
  • They speak in terminology that is unique to the discipline.

After you’ve learned about the many types of sources you can include in a research paper citation, it’s time to look at the different styles and see how they’re used.

Citing a research paper in the APA format

The author’s name is inverted while using the APA format. In other words, the last name must come first, followed by a comma, and then the first name’s initial. The APA format of citing a research paper asks you to use commas to separate the multiple names of the authors and an ampersand (&) before the last name if the source contains several authors.

For example: “Kennedy, J., and James, F.”

Citing a research paper in MLA format

  • In-text citations

When using the MLA format for in-text citations, you must include the author’s last name and the item’s page number in parenthesis.

Example: “(Kennedy, 230).

  • Web reference

The author(s), article title, journal name, issue, year, and pages are all listed in their precise print versions in this style for references in a research paper. List the “Web” after the pages with a period, but without the quotation marks. You must include the date, a month abbreviation, and the year of access to the article, followed by a period.

Example: Kennedy, Francis. “Eating Habits of Lions.” Capybara Monthly 20 (22015): 223-226.

Web. 5 Feb. 2018

Citing your research paper using the AMA format

The names of the paper’s authors and editors are used as the citation in this style. Besides a comma between names, no other punctuation is allowed. If you’re working with more than one author, list the first three authors, then “et al.”

Example: “Kennedy J, Francis M,”

It would look like this for a paper you’re quoting online:

“Kringle K, Frost J. Red noses, warm hearts: The glowing phenomenon among North Pole reindeer. http://www.northpolemedical.com/raising rudolf”


Any paper used as a reference must be appropriately cited. The style of references in a research paper is significant because it stops students from plagiarizing other people’s work and from failing to acknowledge prior knowledge, which is a typical occurrence in scholarly writing. If you must outsource your assignment, make sure you choose the best essay writing service for the job.

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