Essential Guide to Monument Signage

Monument Signage

Monument Signage

If your business is hard to find, using a monument sign is beneficial. It helps create a positive first impression in a location that has little footfall.

Leveraging monument signage also forms a distinct identity in a competitive business landscape. It also speaks volumes about your brand on a given landmark, helping you make a statement about your business.

With a reliable monument sign company by your side, you can make an immediate impact on spectators by drawing in more viewers.

Learn more about the benefits of monument signage and how you can optimize this visual asset to suit your business needs.

What Do You Mean by Monument Signage?

Monument signs, commonly known as monolith signs, are free-standing signs that can withstand years of wear and tear. Featuring a large, weather-resistant frame, monument signs are generally planted close to the ground level.

Such solid signages are often placed atop a landmark or close to a public architectural structure. The positioning makes the sign visible to bystanders and people driving past, creating a line of sight for potential customers.

Ideal for promoting brand awareness, monument signs ensure a target audience can easily find your business. Available in a range of designs and formats, monument signs encourage impulse buyers to make an instant purchase.

Monument signage combines your brand design and local architecture with real-time marketing. Using durable materials, you can develop an innovative design that blends perfectly with your brand identity and messaging.

This form of outdoor advertising helps distinguish your brand from the competition. You can optimize its appearance in a way that matches the physical aesthetics of a building. This helps ensure a cohesive visual experience.

Difference Between a Monument Sign and a Pylon Sign

The primary difference between a pylon and a monument sign lies in their height.

Pylon (also known as the totem sign) tends to be taller compared to a monument sign. While the former oversees a huge space, the latter sits close to the ground. Pylon signs also require special permits compared to monument signs.

Pylon signs are ideal for broad advertising programs, while monument signs are generally used for small-scale businesses. For instance, pylon signage is common in shopping malls or industrial sites where various businesses operate.

In contrast, monument signage is used in spaces where the foot traffic is low. For instance, you’ll see these along the highway or near a gas station. It is easy to incorporate in a suburban landscape as it stands out more compared to a pylon sign.

The ground-centric design of monument signs makes them more beneficial compared to pole signs that are difficult to distinguish. Such stature provides clear visibility of a brand’s logo whenever consumers are passing by.

Tips to Improve Monument Signages for Your Business

Businesses with existing monument signs should update their signage to suit the current trends. You should ensure the signage complements the latest branding, in which case, you’ll want to modify all the details in a precise and timely fashion.

Here are a few tips you can consider for improving your monument signage:

  • Give the right information: Ensure the text on your signage is easy to read and comprehend. You must keep the messaging minimal so that drivers passing by can also catch this information.
  • Create a unique design: Make your business signage stand out by using varying colors in the design. Even the writing should contrast the background color so that it’s clear and easy to read.
  • Highlight the best features: Observe your landscape and the type of crowd you want to attract using this sign. You should highlight those features that best suit the target audience in that area.
  • Harmonize the design: Consumers will acknowledge a monument signage that compliments the structure it’s placed on. Use a cohesive branding style so people can recognize your brand.
  • Light up your visuals: Design an engaging business sign using lighting systems that improve visibility at all times. Illuminating the signage ensures consumers can view it even at night.
  • Upgrade your material: Remodel your signage according to the structure it sits on. If the building is getting old, make a new signage. You can change the material or the frame to improve its performance.
  • Ensure maintenance: Make sure you clean and repaint a monument sign. Take preventive measures by checking for structural damage. You should also look for any signs of fading and rust.

Custom Designs for Architectural Signage

Investing in monument signage is a great way to boost brand visibility in remote locations, especially in low-population towns. If you don’t know where to start, a professional signage company can guide you with a custom design.