Emberify’s Tips to Use Instagram Videos for Small Firms

Instagram Videos

Instagram Videos

Instagram is an extremely famous social media application on the web. With billions of active users and visitors, the app has now become a more robust marketing key for brands and businesses. The fame of the Instagram app has influenced client behaviors since it is very comfortable for users to reach and identify goods and services. Eventually, firms of all niches could try to market their brand on Instagram to reach their target audience and begin their conversions. It means turning the followers into loyal customers.

Since the application is one of the most highly-used applications online, with a wide range of businesses making use of it, Instagram’s features are more efficient than arriving at no cost. Business people are astonished by its potential. However, it could be intimidating for a few small firms to break the barriers and connect with the customers until they stay updated with the trends and offer users whatever they demand. So what is the solution to feeling free to use Instagram as a small business? Instagram videos. People invest around 80+ percent of their time seeing videos on the app. The total quantity of videos created each day has exceeded the actual average. So, you can avail free instagram likes trial to expand your content reach and stand out from the competition. Instagram videos must be a portion of your marketing tactics for beginner or small firms.

Why Instagram Videos?

Initially, small businesses need more budget and time to invest in video advertising for their brands. In that case, if you wish to shine out of your competitors, it is vital to create extremely great content. As per the video marketing or advertising checklist guide, videos online bring 80% of the internet traffic, 85+ percent of businesses leverage videos for marketing, and 65+ percent of them make videos to enlighten their followers about their brand products and services.

  • Maintaining a good Instagram presence is crucial to make content that is preferred by your fans. The following are the major reasons for smaller firms to leverage Instagram videos.
  • Stay updated: with the launch of Instagram reels, the application users have begun seeing a lot of video content. For small firms, it is an excellent opportunity to stay up with changing trends and offer clients what they need.
  • Shine out of your competition: It is no wonder that small firms do not wish to invest their effort and spend time in video content. As your core demographics are interested in watching video content, posting more videos will make them feel interested in what you post. This will make you shine over your competitors.
  • Grab the attention: Users on Instagram like watching videos. Staying more informative and dynamic in creating videos will grab the user’s attention. It will allow you to communicate your business insights to an apt audience.

Now, you will have gained knowledge about the significant reasons behind Instagram videos and small business benefits. Coming next is the type of videos that you can create on Instagram. Keep reading!

Types of Videos on the Application

From ephemeral story clips that fade away in 24 hours to the in-feed videos that stay forever, there is a wide range of video options on Instagram. You can use these to connect with the fans and obtain your goals. Since the application has a vast variety, each small business could create excellent video-based content that suits its budget, needs, and goals.

Instagram Videos

Instagram Videos

Trying to realise the exciting part? With the help of quick video filters and accessible access features, many editors are available online for small firms to hire. Using those best editors, you can create adorable videos for your account. So, if you still don’t need to start, now is the right time to begin. Instagram videos will undoubtedly make a great interaction with your audiences for promoting the products and services using a short video.

Tips for Using Instagram Videos for Small Businesses

Behind-The-Scenes Showcase

In the season of paid advertising and influencer marketing, clients demand authenticity over anything. A report says that most people wish to purchase from genuine brands. So to demonstrate that your business is genuine, make sure to create many behind-the-scenes videos. You can show a visual tour of your office or workspace. You can post a few videos of your production unit. All these will add more authenticity to your business. This will drive better sales and be a great way to offer your clients what they want. Next, you can introduce your crew to the buyers. Please show them your workday. Create good experiences. You shall take advantage of Emberify to boost engagement and increase the chance of getting featured on app.

Expose Your Services and Products

One of the highest challenges that small business owners have faced is the need for brand recognition and awareness. When you begin with something, it is crucial to inform your demographic audience about your goods and services to keep them updated. Using the popularity of the video content on the application, whenever users invest more time seeing videos, make Instagram videos that expose your goods and services. However, many options exist for the more minor first to create videos. A few types include teaser videos, story videos, and fixed in-feed videos which display your collection. Sometimes the longer IGTV videos could redirect people to the webpage and boost website traffic. The following are a few ideas about the ways to display your goods and services.

  • Make a teaser video that announces new products and services.
  • Determine how your goods and services reduce the clients’ grievances using how-to video clips.
  • Post customer individual story videos where the buyers express their opinion regarding your products.


The days are long gone when only the more prominent companies could invest in video marketing. Since the fame of video-based content is growing like anything, internet users spend a lot of time seeing videos on the internet and social media. Using Instagram videos for small businesses and using the help of Emberify to keep things global is brilliant work. It is a highly actionable tool when it relates to business growth. Instagram videos offer you the best way to promote your goods and services and assist in satisfying your customer needs. Therefore, it pushes up your business ranking.

If you have suggestions for wisely using Instagram videos, please share them with us. Thanks for reading!