Email Verification Services: How To Choose The Right Service Provider?



Email verification is the process of authenticating that an email address exists and that it’s not currently being used by someone else. Since email addresses are often collected through various marketing campaigns, they might be used to send a message to someone who no longer works at the company or isn’t interested in receiving business or promotional emails.

An Email verification tool can help companies avoid this problem by ensuring that their emails reach their intended audience in the first place.

Here comes the main question – how to choose the right service provider? What top services to expect from the service provider? You can find answers to these in this article.

Email Address Appending

This is one of the most common solutions offered by most verification companies. Email address appending is adding a new email address to an existing list of emails.

The idea is to take an email list with some addresses and then append any new addresses you might find with improved quality. Of course, for this strategy to work, there needs to be a healthy supply of good-quality duplicate addresses from which your company can pull its data.

Bulk Email Verification

Bulk Email Verification is the process of verifying a large number of email addresses. This can be done by emailing the company’s newsletter subscribers and verifying the responses.

Business owners would want to do this because it will give them a more accurate list of emails that are working. It will also help them trace the ones that aren’t working.

So, in a way, this will help the company grow its list faster and at less cost since there’s no need for follow-up campaigns with recipients who aren’t interested or engaged with the brand.

Email List Cleaning

Every email validation company should have this service. Email list cleaning is the process of removing invalid email addresses from your company’s database. These email addresses have been abandoned by their owners or no longer exist due to server migration or changes in the domain name.

Email list cleaning can be done manually or automatically. Manual verification involves going through each contact on the list and verifying it using the verification tool.

Automated email list cleaning involves leveraging machine learning algorithms that analyze data such as open rates, click-through rates, and engagement metrics to identify contacts that are likely to be invalid.

Ensure Marketing Emails don’t end up in a spam filter.

Yes, email verification services can help businesses avoid spam filters. When sending out a marketing email, it’s vital to ensure that it ends up in a recipient’s inbox, not their junk folder or spam filter. With the help of these tools, companies can ensure this outcome.

Therefore, whether you are running an email campaign or announcing the launch of a new product/service, the message will be delivered to the rightful recipient.

Wrapping Up

In this guide, you have read how to choose an Email verification tool. Apart from ensuring that business emails don’t get caught in spam filters, the tools also allow business owners to deploy triggers to people who respond to an email campaign or sign up through a form on the official business website.