Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory: What Is The Difference?

Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory

Eidetic Memory VS Photographic Memory

Human consciousness keeps a vast amount of secrets and many moments remain a mystery to us. The Eidetic memory test will help you understand how well you can reproduce the image in your mind. Your ability to concentrate and be less confused depends on this indicator. If the test shows a poor result, then the situation can easily be improved by rinsing simple training.

What Is The Difference Between Eidetic And Photographic Memory?

Many people think that eidetic and photographic memory is the same thing. In reality, this is not at all the case. Eidetic memory is the ability to visualize the image that you just saw in your mind. Typically, a person can capture a clear picture for a few seconds, and then it fades and disappears completely.

The Eidetic memory test allows you to track how long you can see an image. Someone can do it for 15 – 10 seconds, while others only 2 – 3 seconds. The higher this indicator, the better your memory is.

A few people on the planet can boast photographic memory. One of the most famous representatives was Winston Churchill. He could memorize various documents or photographs only by looking at them and then reproducing them in detail. Simply put, people look at an image and takes a photograph in their mind, after which they can reproduce it in memory several years after viewing it.

We can say that photographic memory is a kind of hyperthymesia – the ability of people to remember and reproduce the most minor data from their personal life.

How To Improve Memory?

Many people today are thinking about how it is possible to easily and quickly correct the state of memory because our success at work, as well as self-confidence, will depend on it. If we can’t remember where we just put documents or other important things, we waste a lot of time searching for them and become annoyed.

If the eidetic memory test gives a bad result, this is not a reason to be upset. There is special training that can help improve your memorization ability:

  • learning poems by heart;
  • create images of cityscapes in your mind at the end of the day;
  • try to remember the phone numbers of your friends;
  • use a dedicated mobile application such as memoryOS.

The concept is that training to improve eidetic memory should be continuous. Otherwise, all your efforts will go to zero.

In addition, experts advise you to revise your work schedule, make sure that you spend enough time sleeping and resting, playing sports, or at least doing some simple exercise, and eating the right food.

To improve memory, you need to add redfish, nuts, turmeric, coffee, chocolate, and many other foods to your diet, containing many vitamins and minerals that contribute to good brain function. Sports activity helps to improve blood circulation and improve human health. When combined with proper nutrition, sports can help you feel refreshed, beneficial for the brain.

Why Is It Worth Improving Eidetic Memory?

At first glance, eidetic memory does not seem so important to devote a lot of time to. This is not the case. Thanks to it, a person can simplify the work with statistical information as much as possible, as well as forget about confusion and forgetfulness.

Moreover, it affects the overall state of memory. All training aimed at improving eidetic memory improves overall brain function, allowing you to improve the memorization of new information. Exercise is especially important for older people to maintain clarity of consciousness for as long as possible.


If you want, it’s better to memorize various pictures and be able to reproduce them in your mind; you need to practice memorization a little. With just 20 minutes a day, you can dramatically improve your overall memory health.