Effective Tips When Transporting Fragile Packages

Fragile Packages

Fragile Packages

There are many different things that can be construed as fragile. The most obvious items are ceramic and glass, but fresh produce can also be considered fragile, as can many electronic items.

In truth, all objects being transported should be treated as fragile, this will maximize the likelihood of goods arriving in the same condition that they left.

Whether you’re looking for a shipper or are a shipper trying to offer the best possible service, the following tips will help.

Temperature Control

When people mention temperature they generally think about refrigerated trucks. This is certainly relevant as fresh produce much be kept chilled during transport to ensure it is as fresh as possible on arrival.

But, electronics also need to be kept within the right temperature range and humidity can also be a serious issue for many products.

It’s important that all trucks are fitted with a high-quality temperature data logger. This ensures the temperature stays within a designated range and that a warning is issued if the temperature is near the limits or exceeds them.

The best systems are remotely monitored, allowing transporters and customers to confirm the temperature has remained satisfactory.


Of course, in order to ship a fragile package, you need to offer the best possible protective packaging. This has to be balanced with creating a reasonable-sized parcel and the cost of shipping.

In most cases, the best option is to choose a custom-designed packing crate. This minimizes the space for products to move and maximizes the protection from damage.

You can even add shock detectors that tell you if the parcel has experienced too much force during transit.

Don’t forget that sealing a package is just as important as packing it properly. A parcel that is sealed is less likely to get contaminants in it.

Mark It

It also helps to mark the parcel as fragile. Transporters need to be aware of items that are considered fragile to ensure additional care is taken of the parcels. While they should endeavour to look after all parcels, marking them as fragile brings attention to it and helps to ensure it is looked after.

Consider Reputation

As a transport provider, your reputation is everything. The best companies charge a little more but they offer the best service and people are prepared to pay for it.

This is because reputation works both ways. A business may choose a courier based on their reputation but the end consumer will still blame the business for damaged items. That’s why all couriers should cultivate positive images and look after parcels. By doing so they will inspire confidence in businesses that will then use their service.

If the customer is happy, then the business is happy and, by default, so should the transport company.

The bottom line is you need to think about the service you offer and make sure it is the best possible. That’s the only way you’ll get a good reputation, transport fragile items safely, and stay in business.