Effective and Simple Non-Digital Marketing Strategies For Electrical Companies



While we all represent a part of the digital world and related communications, it cannot be denied that the majority of electricians, plumbers, gas engineers, or HVAC technicians are still using non-digital marketing strategies to get their services delivered. Since one is dealing with in-person services, it would be incorrect to ignore this part of a business. People always tend to use only those electrical companies and experts that they know well. The same works with recommendations or trusted street light LED advertisements. The trick is to combine various marketing approaches to let your brand and services become recognisable.

Effective and Simple Non-Digital Strategies For Electrical Companies 

Business Cards.

You should not forget about using business cards as you want to connect with people who do not want to scroll through their phones as they are looking for immediate help. This is where a great business card helps to stay in touch. You should take time to explore how to create an interesting card when you use an unusual design or implement something that helps you to stand out. Remember about using your company’s logo with the contact information. Even though you are using a non-digital method of work, it is still possible to include your Instagram or Facebook profile of the company. Of course, you may also include your personal LinkedIn page to show your professional profile and the list of recommendations or skills. By using such an approach, you can combine both digital and non-digital methods!

– Branded Marketing Tools. 

It does not have to be something overly complex. Even if you are a plumber or a simple representative of an electrical company that provides a plethora of various services, you can provide your clients with various marketing items that may include pens, notepads, cups, bags, pencils, rulers, or adhesive tape. By using one or more of these items, you can leave something that relates to your company as people will use it sooner or later and will remind about your services. As an alternative, you can use small magnets with the brand of your company, which will work as a souvenir that you can share.

– Creative Printing. 

It should include various flyers, brochures, explanatory papers, or company profiles. It will help your customers to consider various options and see the range of your services. Of course, you should use a specific design that is not too complex, yet unique. In other words, your company and services must stand out and be accurate in terms of style and grammar. If you are not sure how to edit your text and make it sound professional, you must consider TrustMyPaper or SupremeDissertations and talk to experts who will help you come up with an excellent marketing text that will reflect your work and benefits.

Participate in Various Expos and Trade Shows.

Even though these can be expensive and may require additional funds, do not forget that it is one of the best methods to promote your services without turning to digital media. You can meet new clients and make your existing customers aware of all the innovations that you have implemented. Remember that it is also necessary to provide your company’s merchandise and business cards. Even if you have a small booth or participate in an exhibition with another company, it will instantly change your marketing position in a positive way.

Social Work & Charity. 

Do not forget to participate in social work and charity by offering free services to summer camps, schools, religious organizations, elderly homes, or festivities for the children. It will help you to add something valuable to your resume and show the local community that you are a responsible company with a strong social background. Moreover, you can provide free masterclasses and explain how one can avoid the most common workplace injuries. It will keep everyone safe!

Create Competitions and Special Campaigns.

Provide your customers with free tours and various consulting, which will help you to explain your professional benefits. It will also make people trust you as you already offer your services by showing genuine care and skills. Of course, you may also organise various competitions and campaigns that may include prizes or special tools that will help people stay safe. In addition, think about offering your services free of charge!

Sign-writing Your Van.

Of course, you might have already thought about this non-digital marketing method, yet this is where you can get creative and add something entertaining to your company’s van. Well, you can even add something informative to your personal car by helping people approach you by leaving you a message or contacting you right away. Just make sure that you study the local laws to keep everything within advertisement rules for your vehicle!

Addressing Business Ethics 

Electrical Companies

Electrical Companies

Dealing with non-digital marketing strategies, it is vital to promote strong morals, accessibility, equity, and safety as you advertise your services. Starting with the management of health and safety risks and up to workplace ethics, you should participate in various campaigns and ensure that what you promote meets existing standards.

As you offer your services, you also let people meet your team and certain people. It means that the creation of safety leaflets, employee portfolios, and surveys should be implemented as a part of your business. It will also let people see that they can access your company’s standards and safety rules, which work exactly the same as when you check various components of electrical equipment. Therefore, workplace safety and strong business ethics should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.