Economy Cars You Can Rent in Dubai



If you are visiting Dubai or any state of UAE, then surely you need a car to visit all places to enjoy your tour. Moreover, to keep your tour budget-friendly, there is a need to rent an economical car so you don’t have to pay an extra fare.

Here we are going to discuss the best car rental economy options you can choose and make your tour budget-friendly.

Jac S3

Jac S3 one of the superb cars with extreme comfort is available with five seats and luggage 6/4 feature. Moreover, the cars feature GCC specs, Cruise control, parking sensors, USB, and Bluetooth. ABS and Paddle shift. Furthermore, if you want to rent a car to drive on your own, then the LCD screen and reverse camera will make your driving super easy. More features include climate control, FM radio, Stereo MP3/CD, and power door locks. Thus, this is an incredible option to hire and make your tour hassle-free and pocket friendly.

Mitsubishi ASX

One more option that will never disappoint you and will keep your budget on track is Mitsubishi ASX. This car also features five seats, S/L luggage 2/1, GCC specs, parking sensors, US, Bluetooth, ABS, LCD screen, and reverse camera. If you get this car, you just have to pay $80 for two days. Also, some other features include FM radio, climate control, power door locks, and power mirrors. The car comes with 4 cylinders and a 2.0L engine. It moves at a maximum speed of 200, which means you can run smoothly on highways and desert regions without bumping. The SUV model is best to make your tour superb.

Kia Sorento

Get ready to avail another SUV option to make your tour hassle free in Dubai with Kia Sorento. It is an ideal option for a family of six or seven members. The car with 3.3 Liter and 200 maximum speed and horsepower of 290 is best for desert safari. The SUV-type car has 7 seats, S/L luggage, GCC specs, cruise control, parking sensors, paddle shift, climatic control, power mirror, Stereo MP3, and power door locks.


One of the economic options to avail in Dubai is MG5. Just pay $118 for three days and enjoy a tour of Dubai without hassle. The five-seat car has features of GCC specs, cruise control, S/L luggage, parking sensors, USB, Bluetooth, and ABS control system. Certain other features that will inspire you include power door locks, power mirrors, FM radio, and a Stereo system. The Sedan car has 2 engines and 120 horsepower.

Volkswagen Golf

Get ready to avail the economical option of a Hatchback type car. The Volkswagen is the best option for couples who are in Dubai for their vacations or for individuals who are in the city for your business tour. The small car with four seats, S/L luggage, GCC specs, Cruise control, Parking sensors, power door locks, and ABS. the hatchback body yet spacious enough to give your a comfortable ride and help you to visit sites without any inconvenience.

Hyundai Creta

Our more economical pick that will make your tour amazing and cost-effective is Hyundai Creta. The SUV five-seater car is a wonderful choice to rent in Dubai. The automatic car with 1.6 L 4 cylinders has a maximum speed of 170 and a horsepower of 121. The car also features Bluetooth, USB, power door locks, FM radio, and stereo MP3. The car is amazing for having the highway ride and going to deserts.

Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima is another option you can pick during your Dubai tour. The five seats car is a spacious, luxurious, and automatic vehicle with all features that you expect. Other features present in the car include USB, Bluetooth, ABS, reverse camera, FM radio, Stereo MP3, Power door locks, and parking sensors.

Wrapping Up

In Dubai, you will get a variety of options in cars and in price ranges. No matter what you want, an SUV, Hatchback, or Sedan, you can easily get one within your budget. You can find it easily through by doing a survey of websites dealing with cars. Compare the prices and ratings so you can rent the vehicle that is according to your budget.