Dubai Healthcare System and Health Insurance – A Guide for You



Dubai is the most popular destination among the Gulf region countries. Its healthcare provisions make it ideal for expats. The UAE is one of the renowned world destinations. Among its several outstanding attractions, the quality healthcare facilities rank as one of the best. With an estimated 181 doctors for every 100,000 residents, the region enjoys massive healthcare.

Are you looking to move to Dubai for some time? Here is everything you need to know about the healthcare and health insurance systems.

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How Healthcare Works in Dubai

Dubai has comprehensive government-funded health care and a vibrant private sector. Of all the Emirates countries, Dubai stands out as the destination with the most advanced health care systems. The sector is highly regulated by the Federal and Emirate governments.

The top-notch medical facilities in Dubai has made it one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. The place receives more than 500,000 medical tourists in a year.

Specialized treatments like dermatology, ophthalmology, and orthopedic medication are some of the most sought.

The top medical facilities in Dubai come at a cost. You are better off having Dubai international health insurance for the best medical care in the country. Health insurance is mandatory for anyone going to work in Dubai. The state requires the employer to provide for employees and their families the covers.

Failure to have a valid healthcare insurance policy in Dubai comes with various consequences. Other than missing treatments you might be fined in the courts.

Dubai Public HealthCare System

Dubai has a robust public healthcare system regulated by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and the Emirates Health Authority (EHA).

Public health care in Dubai is free for all residents. The expats and non-residents, however, need to pay some high fees to access the health services. You don’t have to worry though as the mandatory health insurance policy covers most of the costs.

While most insurance covers provide for public health care, they have various limitations. The employer-provided health insurance cover can be merge hence lesser treatment options. They tend to omit various care options like dental and family coverage.

If you have comprehensive health care coverage, then ensure you understand everything covered. You might also want to have a healthy bank account balance in case you need to cover anything out of pocket.

Dubai Private Healthcare System

Given the limitations of the Dubai public health care system, most expats opt for private health care. The private Dubai International health insurance policies provide for wide coverage and a range of services.

You will not receive any treatment from the public facilities if you have a private healthcare insurance policy. As such look for private health insurance that is affordable while also covers a wide range of services.

Pros and Cons of Dubai Healthcare System  

Dubai Healthcare System  

Dubai Healthcare System  

The Dubai healthcare system comes with various pros and cons.

Top of the benefits of Dubai healthcare is high-quality medical care. Only a few countries in the world can top Dubai’s medical standards. The country invests in innovative technology that allows for innovation and research. The top quality Dubai healthcare system for expats and tourists keeps it as the leading medical destination.

Most private health care uses English for communication hence better care. The private facilities also come with little-to-no wait times.


One of the major concerns with the Dubai healthcare system is the high costs. Most of the health facilities are expensive and can only be accessed when you have medical insurance cover.

Those who don’t speak English or Arabic might find it hard to find professional care due to the language barrier. Also, those who opt for more affordable public health care must contend with long wait times.

Why Is Healthcare So Expensive in Dubai

You might be wondering why medical care is so expensive in Dubai and if it’s worth it.

The main reason for the high medical care costs in Dubai is the high number of expats. The population of Dubai is more expats than it is natives, as such there are more private health care facilities than public.

The other reason for the high medical costs is the need for specialists. Most of the patients in Dubai would rather visit a specialist straightaway than a general medical practitioner.

The high medical care is worth it. The country invests in top-quality facilities and professionals, justifying the costs.

Health Insurance Plans in Dubai

An insurance plan is the only way to access the costly Dubai health services. Dubai provides for standard medical insurance covers depending on your needs.

You can opt for family, group, or traveler health insurance plans. Your cover depends on the reason for visiting the country, time taken, and dependents.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best medical care destination, then Dubai is the place. It comes with high-end private and public medical facilities for various conditions. You however need to invest in a comprehensive medical insurance cover for the best services.

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