Dog Essentials: What You Should Have on Hand for a New Puppy

New Puppy

New Puppy

Having a pet is one of the most exciting parts of our life, but it is also a responsibility to take care of a “man’s best friend.” This may also be scary for you if you have never had a dog. But this may also be hard for the puppy to be in a new place. That is why preparing the essentials in welcoming your little puppy is important. 

Things to Prepare for a New Puppy

A new puppy brings happiness and love, especially for first-time parents. But some things are needed for your dog’s safety, health, and happiness upon coming home.

Prepare a Space for the Puppy

Help the puppy adjust to a new environment by giving a specific spot for him in a room. This will avoid overstimulating different scents or locations. Crates and playpens can be good stuff to ease the puppy as it comes home.

Dog food, treats, and toys

Bring healthy dog foods since puppies eat a lot. Treats are also perfect while training the puppy. Learning what foods they like and learning about them is also important. It’s a good option to go for a personalized dog toy basket that will provide a variety of play toys as they like to roam around and investigate. This way you’ll be able to determine what kind of toys your puppy prefers so you’ll know what to get for him in the future.

Gather Dog Supplies

It’s important to shop for dog supplies right away upon bringing a puppy home. Water bowls, collars, ID tags, and leashes are necessities for your dog. ID tags include your basic contact info, which may help if your puppy ever got lost or ran away from home.

Puppy-proof Your House

The little fur babies love to chew or bite furniture, electric cords, trash, and other home supplies, especially those that are moving. Prepare non-toxic supplies, if you can, to avoid emergencies and accidents. Being prepared can protect your children, your family, and your new puppy. 

Come up With House Rules

Determine the “house rules” and train the puppy with firm rules. They will learn to obey rules and things they are not allowed to, like sitting on the couch, biting, or potty training. Your dog’s personality will also show and improve through training and the household rules. 

Prepare Family Members

Let everyone know about the arrival of the puppy. It’s better to welcome the puppy so it can settle down without being overwhelmed. Keep everyone safe and avoid letting children be overwhelmed. Introduce every member and supervise the dog with the house rules or potty place.

Puppy Special Needs

Dogs may have different histories, anxiety, and medical conditions. You might buy or adopt a dog with special needs. Some dogs may have trauma, especially those adopted. Some may have illnesses or diseases even before you buy them. Consulting a veterinarian would be a big help in understanding and helping your puppy have a good life with you. 


It may be exciting to have a puppy or adopt a new one. This could also be overwhelming at some point, especially at the start. Help your puppy settle down for a while and be comfortable. Also, keep everyone safe from playtime accidents or overwhelming the dogs with so much attention. A puppy brings happiness and keeps the love within the family.