Do You Know Why Cheap Sunglasses Are Bad for Your Eyes?



Imitations look deceptively real, but they match the saying: “The cheap is often the most expensive” and can also damage your eyes.

Who has never succumbed to the temptation to buy cheap sunglasses from a street or market stall? With the beginning of summer, street vendors and beach vendors appear on every corner, offering imitations – in some cases quite good ones – of the most expensive and exclusive models, with the difference that the imitations cost far less.

At these prices it is unfortunately really difficult to resist the temptation of sunglasses like this: They are so darn cheap and see this great model that you have had in your eye for so long and that is usually so expensive that you would never buy it, so damn similar! But watch out: As the saying goes that our mothers and grandmothers like to repeat until they drop: “The cheap is often the most expensive “.

“The seduction of this summer”

Do you know why you feel like you have to strain your eyes, that they hurt, and you might even get migraines when you wear cheap sunglasses? It’s simple: your pupils work like an opening that regulates the entry of light. When it’s dark, your pupils get bigger; the opposite happens when the surroundings are very bright. However, such glasses are not functional, they have not gone through hygiene controls and their glasses are not designed with the aim of keeping the eyes healthy. Because of this, your eyes “think” that it is dark when you wear glasses like this, and you spend a lot of time with dilated pupils. This can lead to various problems with the nerves of the eyes and with the cornea, as well as causing headaches and irritation of the eyes.

“If you see imitations that say ‘lenses with UV protection’, this is usually a lie”

On the contrary, cheap sunglasses offer absolutely no protection against UV rays. So these reach your eyes without any filter, which can cause problems like cataracts in the long term.



But that’s not all. Cheap sunglasses are often offered under less hygienic conditions. Thousands of people try it every day, which can easily lead to the infection of diseases that are unflattering, especially in summer, such as conjunctivitis. (By the way, if you get infected, you will definitely need sunglasses, but then hopefully good ones!)

So when you buy glasses, check their quality: good glasses are always an investment. It was designed to ease your eyes, to last for years, its glasses won’t harm you and you can get them at reasonable prices.

Tom Ford Eyewear delivers elegant glasses

New glasses from Tom Ford for autumn 2021

Autumn/winter 2021 eyewear collection includes a combination of modern and vintage-inspired styles: Classic metal and/or acetate frames have been reimagined in avant-garde shapes and come in a range of colors. You are welcome to visit our website to check out a range of Tom Ford sunglasses here,

The logo “T” has been updated for the new eyeglasses, and the “Infinity” sunglasses comes with cross bridge have been given a modern vintage makeover.

Tom Ford’s glasses are handcrafted in Italy in collaboration with Marcolin – one of the world’s leading eyewear manufacturers who also work with labels such as Max Mara, Balenciaga and Diesel.

Aside from the new designs, TF Eyewear offers a health aspect: Tom Ford’s corrective glasses are standardized with the innovative blue light filter glass technology. It significantly improves visual ease by reducing eye stress and strain from the harmful blue light from electronic devices.

Exclusive sunglasses – Tom Ford: “Private Individual Collection”

The autumn / winter collection 2021 also includes five new prescription glasses from the “Private Collection”. The glasses are made from materials such as natural horn and Japanese titanium. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Daniel Craig, and the designer himself are fans of eyewear. Exclusive dealers are the only ones who can get these models.

Ribot: Wooden Glasses with Craftsmanship

Ribot means “a carpenter’s plane”. And that’s also the name that the designers chose for this label of handmade wooden glasses. They get the inspiration for their creations from the craftsmanship and the magical city of Barcelona.



“Keep calm and be wood”

Very little is made by hand these days. And yet in our cosmopolitan and industrialized world there are more and more people who are going back to their origins and who appreciate handicraft production. The glasses of Ribot Barcelona are hand-made and would like to work on wood and individual design of each piece as a unique work of art deal.

Gafas Ribot Barcelona was created one day while walking through the city of Barcelona. The designers, who have known each other since infancy, were drawn to an old timber firm owned by one of their families. That was the situation “The aroma of freshly cut wood began to infiltrate and dissolve the influences and knowledge from their previous job in the fashion sector. They eventually came up with a new style for sunglasses: Ribot Sunglasses, after a frenzy of concepts “…

The handcrafted glasses from Ribot Barcelona pay tribute to the craftsmanship of the woodworking and are dedicated to a unique design, attention to detail and the city of Barcelona, which inspires its creators again and again. To such an extent that each of the four models is inspired by one of the characteristic city districts and also bears its name.

“We were born in Barcelona, and this city inspires us every morning. A cosmopolitan, urban, multicultural city,” they explain on their website. “We wanted to be inspired by every neighborhood that interests us, capture its special flair and express it in the glasses”.

The handmade glasses Ribot is a label that joins the new trend of wooden glasses; an innovative product proposal that is conquering the market more and more. These glasses have a unique personality, are sleek and modern, and have a strong Barcelona component in their DNA. All models are unisex and are available in three different types of wood: light, dark and medium. The lens color varies in muted brown and black tones.