A Complete Guide to Different Types of Piercings



Body piercings are regarded as the most fashioned style of body modification. Types of body piercings vary over centuries and some of the most common ones are the Ears and Nose piercings. Modern areas for body piercings include the lips, tongue, cheeks, eyebrows, belly buttons, and nipples. Most piercings are done to express personal feelings so feel free to try out theYou beauty marketplace and make the best of it.

Common Piercing Placements

Tthere are so many locations, types, and styles of body piercing, with different pain levels and healing times that differ based on the type of piercing. With this knowledge you can make the right decision that suits you. Here, we will discuss on some guides for different types of body piercings.

Ear Piercings

It is the most popular body piercing with twelve pierce-able locations and an infinite number of jewelry combinations.

Some of these locations include helix and anti-helix, rook and snug, industrial, conch, daith, tragus, anti-tragus, lobe and 2nd lobe.


It is located on the upper part of the external cartilage of the ear. This is also known as cartilage piercing.  In this area, it is possible to do two or even three helix piercings and it takes 2 to 3 months to heal properly.


This piercing is located on the part of cartilage that forms a fold in front of the anti-helix. It takes about 12 months to heal completely.


This piercing is done close to the Rook, but beneath. The cartilage it passes through is thinner, it should be less painful and they take 12 months duration to heal properly.


This piercing is done in the middle part of the ear. It can be done in either the internal or external conch.

Lobe and 2nd Lobe

Based on the size of ear lobe, 2 to 4 piercing can be done. It heals faster since the ear lobe is the softest part.

Tongue Piercing

Just like the name suggests, tongue piercings are performed on different parts of the tongue. These include middle tongue piercing, snake eyes piercing, tongue frenulum piercing, frowny piercing, and other types of tongue piercings.

Face Piercings

Facial piercings are mostly visible, and if you ever decide to stop using them in future, they may leave a scar. Facial parts for this piercing include eyebrow, nose, cheek, septum, monroe, anti-eyebrow and bridge among others.

Other Types of Piercings

We have more or less covered types of body piercings that can be performed on the head. However, nowadays there is a great variety of the most adventurous body piercings, so basically they can be done practically anywhere on the body.