Understanding The Difference Between Wheel Loaders and Bulldozers



Credit: Pixabay

Whether you’re constructing a new apartment block, creating a new playpark, or even working on the railway lines, you’re going to need large machinery. A man with a shovel just isn’t going to do it. However, choosing the right building or railway equipment means knowing what you need and what the differences are between key pieces of machinery, such as wheel loaders and bulldozers.

The Wheel Loader

In many cases, people refer to a wheel loader as a bulldozer but it’s not the same machine. The most obvious difference is that wheel loaders have wheels. Just like most tractors, they have large wheels at the back and smaller ones at the front. At the front of a wheel loader, you’ll find a large scoop.

These machines are designed for scooping earth and other items up and moving it. They are excellent for digging holes as they scoop the earth out and can deposit it in a truck or somewhere else as required.

However, wheel loaders aren’t generally used to dig large holes as their wheels make it difficult for them to manoeuvre on uneven ground. Instead, they are generally used for excavation work and to level the ground. In other words, it is perfect for lifting products and putting them into a truck to be taken away.

Their large scoops are also good at removing snow from roads, helping to unblock them when necessary.

Wheel loaders can have a variety of attachments added to broaden the range of jobs they can do on-site. It(‘s a four-wheel-drive vehicle with a central seat and impressive visibility all around.


In contrast, bulldozers are generally heavier and have wider bodies, keeping their centre of gravity low, and they sit closer to the ground.

One of the most noticeable differences is the wheels. Bulldozers use caterpillar treads instead of road wheels. This means they are much better at going across a wide variety of terrains, even those that are uneven.

At the front of the bulldozer is a large blade. It’s not designed to scoop things up but to push things forward or pull them back. The blade can be changed, depending on exactly what you wish to move. It’s also possible to add a ripper to the back of a bulldozer. This shreds large stones and rocks, helping to make the terrain manageable for digging, construction, or simply excavation.

Having both vehicles is essential if you’re working on a construction site. It’s the easiest way to prepare the site and start creating your foundations.

It is interesting to note that you can find military bulldozers. These are bulletproof to protect soldiers from enemy fire while the bulldozer is big enough to drive through any barricade.

There are several brands of bulldozers and wheel loaders on the market. But, the most famous are still CAT and KOMATSU. That’s the ones you should be looking for if you want the highest quality equipment, to make sure you get the job done.