Deep Cleaning Your Office: What’s In It and Why Do You Need It

Deep Cleaning Your Office

Deep Cleaning Your Office

Discover how deep cleaning can make a difference in creating a healthy and productive workspace. Learn about the benefits of deep cleaning, from better air quality, improved employee morale, and more.

Many businesses and organizations have their in-house cleaning crew to care for their general office cleaning and maintenance needs. Some, however, have realized the benefits of hiring professional commercial cleaners and having their office cleaned on a nightly basis. But is general cleaning enough? Can it keep the office clean and safe for everyone?

Well, the short answers to those two questions are no and no. While daily cleaning (or nightly cleaning, for this matter) is beneficial, vacuuming and polishing the floors, wiping down surfaces and counters, and taking the trash out is just the minimum of cleaning. The office accommodates multiple people at once, making it a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that build on surfaces. The closed environment makes it conducive for the virus to thrive and infect others. This is where the benefits of regular deep cleaning services get into the picture – to take care of hard-to-reach areas, clean, disinfect, sanitize, and keep everything in the workplace clean, safe, and healthy.

Your guide to efficient office deep cleaning

By now, you should already know how important a clean and organized workspace is for a healthy and productive working environment. However, while daily cleaning of dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping surfaces is still critical, it may not be enough to eliminate all the disease-causing bacteria accumulated over time. This is where deep cleaning can help – to help keep a fresh, hygienic, and comfortable environment conducive to work.

What makes deep cleaning different from regular office cleaning

Deep cleaning is more than just a quick scrub – it is a comprehensive cleaning.

While regular office cleaning involves vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces, deep cleaning is more intensive. It aims to reach and clean nooks and crannies to remove dirt, dust, grime, grease, and bacteria that regular cleaning often misses.

Deep cleaning also includes hard-to-reach areas, such as ceiling fans, light switches, and Light fixtures, washing down the walls, cleaning windows, power washing carpets and upholstery, and everything that is not typically included in daily office cleaning. Deep cleaning services delivered by commercial cleaning experts often involve using the right tools, cleaning products, cleaning supplies, and specialized equipment, such as a high-powered pressure washer (with cold and hot water), industrial-grade vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, commercial quality glass cleaner, etc.

Often, deep cleaning services also include disinfection and sanitation, which requires using unique cleaning supplies, such as commercial-grade disinfectant spray, dedicated expert cleaners for safe and efficient cleaning must handle that.

Many deep cleaning services also include special cleaning services specific to the needs of a particular workspace or office, such as vinyl floor cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, window and glass cleaning, HVAC cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and even green cleaning.

General office cleaning is performed regularly (daily or nightly, or even weekly), while deep cleaning is less frequent, often every quarter or twice a year. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on the type of workplace, size, and number of people using it (employees, visitors, etc.).

Why you need regular deep cleaning for your office

Improve indoor air quality

Health problems caused by poor indoor air quality are a concern for employees. These health issues can range from minor nose, eyes, and throat irritation to more severe conditions such as respiratory diseases, heart disease, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and more. In addition, indoor pollutants like dust mites, mold, cockroach allergens, and particulate matter can trigger asthma and make the air quality in the office hazardous. Poorly maintained air conditioning and heating systems can also lead to outbreaks of Legionnaire’s disease.

Regular commercial cleaning, specifically office cleaning, can help improve indoor air quality by removing allergens and other pollutants from the work environment. A comprehensive office cleaning service will clean every corner of the building, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning, to ensure safe and healthy air for employees.

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

The focus and concentration of your employees are crucial aspects of a productive work environment. A cluttered, disorganized, and dirty office can make it difficult for employees to concentrate and complete their work efficiently. Likewise, distractions in a polluted work environment can cause frustration and reduce productivity. While regular office cleaning can help organize stuff in the workplace, it doesn’t always include disinfection and sanitation, which are essential aspects of making your employees feel comfortable and safe.

On the other hand, deep cleaning ensures you have a clean, comfortable, and hygienic workplace and keeps the workplace organized and tidied up.

Minimize sick days

By reducing the spread of disease-causing germs and viruses.

According to a survey by the Office for National Statistics, employees take an average of 4.4 days off work due to various illnesses. The most common causes of absenteeism include coughs and colds, musculoskeletal problems (such as back pain and upper limb problems), mental health conditions (such as anxiety, stress, and depression), and other illnesses (such as diabetes-related issues, food poisoning, and accidents). Many of these health problems are caused by poor indoor air quality, exposure to allergens and irritants in the workplace, and dirty and contaminated surfaces, especially high-touch surfaces like elevator buttons, door knobs, keyboards, light switches, office machinery, etc. By removing these factors through an exhaustive deep clean, you can reduce the number of sick days taken by employees.

Improves the look of your office to boost employee morale

One of the magics of deep cleaning is that it can make everything look brand new.

There is always something gratifying about clean and shiny things. Humans are hardwired to be attracted to novelty. A deep clean will bring your workplace back to life; remove stains in carpets and upholstery, polish floors, give old machinery a shine, etc. A deep clean will not only give your workplace a face-lift but can also give you and your employees a sense of fresh surroundings.

Moreover, a deep clean can improve the appearance of your office, make it feel more inviting and professional, and inspire creativity and productivity, which can only benefit you, your employees, and your clients/customers.

Moreover, a beautiful and clean work environment greatly influences positive work culture, which contributes to employee satisfaction, and pride boosts employee engagement with the organization (and their colleagues) and improves overall work-life balance.

What’s included in office deep cleaning

As said earlier, deep cleaning is a more comprehensive and exhaustive type of cleaning. While the cleaning specifics differ from one space to another (as no two offices are the same, and different businesses or organizations have different cleaning needs), there are common elements that are always included in a thorough deep clean service. This includes:

  •   Dusting and wiping down surfaces, including walls, ceilings, light fixtures, and ceiling fans
  •   Cleaning windows, including frames, window sills, and tracks, application of window treatments,
  •   Vacuuming or sweeping floors and furniture
  •   Mopping or wiping down floor surfaces
  •   Cleaning furniture, including desks, chairs, and file cabinets
  •   Sanitizing high-touch areas such as doorknobs, keyboards, and phones
  •   Cleaning bathrooms, including bathroom toilets, sinks, and showers; refilling medicine cabinet supplies
  •   Removing cobwebs, dust, and grease hard-to-reach places
  •   Cleaning kitchen and break room areas, including the kitchen sink, dishwasher, countertops, microwaves, and refrigerators (especially refrigerator coils), inside drawers
  •   Replacing Light bulbs and air filters

Three things office efficient deep cleaning should include

High dusting of hard-to-reach spots

Air-conditioning machines, Light fixtures, crown moldings, corners, and tall spaces accumulate dirt and dust. Over time, these places become breeding grounds for germs and allergens. While dusting is a standard part of daily office cleaning, it may pose a challenge for average after-hour cleaners, especially for offices with vaulted ceilings. In this case, it is best to hire experienced cleaners to do the proper deep cleaning.

Baseboards, window ledges, and vents

Like tall and hard-to-reach areas, baseboards, window ledges, and vents accumulate allergens. These allergens are the most common triggers of allergies. Therefore, regular office cleaning may include a quick scrub of these areas. However, in most cases, thoroughly cleaning these areas takes time, especially in multi-story buildings. A Deep clean service, however, will always include cleaning these areas.

Under furniture

Deep clean service will only be complete with moving furniture. The areas under the couches, desks, tables and other big pieces of furniture are a hotbed for allergens and dust. Deep cleaning of these areas will not only remove the accumulated allergens and dust but also give you the best opportunity to address unchecked floor damages that require immediate attention, such as mold and mildew growth.

Under furniture

Under furniture

 Factors that dictate deep cleaning prices

The cost of deep cleaning services depends on several factors, such as:

Size of the area to be cleaned

More extensive facilities with more stuff and areas to be cleaned will cost much more than smaller and simpler facilities.

Building’s condition

Facilities in poor condition require extra care and attention. That said, a proper deep cleaning may take longer to complete as it has to be more extensive.

Space restrictions

as said earlier, not all workspaces are the same. Some areas may be more challenging to access, clean, and remove the trash. For spaces like this, cleaning teams may need to get more creative. Often, this requires more time, energy, and resources on the part of the cleaning team.

Cost of cleaning products

Commercial-quality cleaning products are a lot more expensive than common cleaning chemicals. Cleaning services provider, of course, factor their use of these cleaning agents in their pricing.

By considering these factors, you can better understand what goes into determining the price of a deep office cleaning. Keep these considerations in mind when budgeting for your next deep cleaning project.

Let Cleanworks take care of your office deep cleaning needs

Deep cleaning your office is no small feat and requires a lot of hard work, manpower, and expertise. It also calls for specialized cleaning tools and equipment to ensure a thorough and safe clean. But don’t stress! You can simplify the process by hiring a professional commercial cleaning service, like Cleanworks. They have the necessary experience, skills, and tools to give your office the deep clean it deserves.

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