Dashboard Development Basics

Interserver Dashboard

Interserver Dashboard

If you’re in the process of developing a new dashboard, there are some important things you should know. Among other things, you should regard the audience that your dashboard will be intended for. You should also know about color palettes and conditional formatting and more userful options the Microsoft Power BI tool offers to the users and specialists. There are a number of animation and design options for Power BI dashboards, which developers can offer for the better visualization of your data.

Power BI is a cloud-based BI tool

Power BI is a cloud-based BI tool for development, you will certainly like to use from any point on the planet and using a number of devices. This tool offers a freeform drag-and-drop canvas, modern data visualization, and simple report authoring. Microsoft is constantly adding new connectors and enhancing the existing ones, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find something you’re looking for. 

It is easy to use

Power Bi is an open source business intelligence platform that offers an intuitive interface for developers. Unlike Tableau, which allows only ad hoc analysis, Power BI provides a full suite of dashboards. This software is used by a variety of people, including the PMO – Project and Portfolio Manager – as well as business and data analysts. IT professionals and IT teams also use Power BI.

It has powerful report creation capabilities

Power BI for developers is an advanced tool that provides powerful report creation capabilities for business users. This tool allows specialists to create complete dashboards that provide actionable insight and analytics for business decisions. Its advanced capabilities also allow developers to create custom reports, which can be distributed across the company or to specific groups. It also helps report developers to customize the navigation of the dashboard, making it easier for non-data scientists to navigate through the content.

It has Cortana integration

Cortana and Power BI are partnering to deliver natural language-based query capabilities to Power BI users. The integration enables users to ask Cortana questions using voice or text input, and the voice assistant can respond with data, maps, and complete reports. Microsoft has been demoing the integration at several events over the past year. Using Cortana with Power BI gives users immediate access to visualized data and rich data-driven answers.

Cobit Solutions BI Consultants

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