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Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular backend frameworks for powering robust, scalable, and secure web applications. It is best suited to power online stores and ecommerce app solutions. You can also use ROR to develop social media and stock marketing platforms.

ROR has many use cases and benefits that make it a worthy contender for powering your web app’s backend. Now that you have selected Ruby on Rails as the preferred backend framework for your custom web app, the next thing you should consider is the cost associated with Ruby on Rails development.

Remember, no two ROR project requirements will be the same. Hence the costs of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer will also vary significantly. We are only trying to help you understand the various factors and considerations when developing your Ruby on Rails development budget. Factors such as the developer’s location, experience level and many others will significantly impact your overall cost to hire Ruby on Rails developer. 

Factors affecting the cost of Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

Here is a list of factors and considerations you need to consider when planning where and how to hire ruby developers. These factors will help you efficiently reduce and plan your ROR developer hiring budget.

Scope of Work

Before you go looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers, you should work on a Project Requirement Document where you define the basic roles and responsibilities you expect your Ruby on Rail developer to fulfill. You should also clearly define tasks they will be responsible for working on in the form of deliverables.

An instance of deliverables you can ask for can include – 

  • Efficiency in translating storyboards and wireframes to Ruby on Rail code.
  • Building and managing RESTful APIs
  • Writing and performing custom Unit Tests and analyzing their results
  • Database Management with PostgreSQL

Depending on how much of your web app is already developed, the requirement for hiring other ROR talents will vary, and so will the time is taken to complete the project. Developing a ROR project from scratch will cost more than working on an existing ROR project in the development phase.

Hiring Platform

Where you hire your Ruby on Rails developer will play a significant role in determining the overall cost of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer. You can either look for ROR freelancers at Upwork, Freelancer and other such platforms, or you can also hire an in-house ROR developer team to work on the project in-house.

If you want to hire a junior or entry-level ROR developer for a small or less priority project hiring freelance Ruby on Rails developer makes sense since you will only pay for what you get. The freelancing rates of a junior ROR developer are the bare minimum, making the project super cost-effective without worrying about overhead expenses you would bear if you hire an in-house app development team.

However, freelancers can often be unreliable or not up to the mark for higher positions or priority projects. For such situations, you should hire dedicated developers in Ruby on Rails from an IT staff augmentation agency with previous experience in providing the best ROR developers for hire to various clients.

Hiring such developers would offer the best talents for your project at the most cost-effective rates without worrying about project abandonment or paying fixed salaries. Besides, it provides flexible hiring models such as Full-Time, Part-Time and Hourly basis. If you are from a non-technical background, you could also look to outsource your ROR project to an offshore app development agency with expertise in Ruby on Rails.

Developer Location       

Another essential aspect that affects your ROR app developer hiring cost is the location where they belong to. Different countries have different standards of living, which impacts the minimum wages and which resultingly impacts the average hourly rates of hiring Ruby on Rails developers.

If you hire ROR developers from the US, UK or Canada, you are likely going to pay around $70-$250/hr depending on the scope of your project, whereas if you hire dedicated ROR developers from India, you can avail yourself their services for as low as $20-$50 per hour.

Here is a country-wise breakdown of the cost of hiring ROR developers worldwide – 

  • Average hourly cost to hire ROR Developer from USA – $70- $250
  • Average hourly cost to hire ROR Developer from UK – $60 – $170
  • The average hourly cost to hire a ROR Developer from Norway – is $40 – $75
  • The average hourly cost to hire a ROR Developer from Germany – is $50 – $85
  • The average hourly cost to hire a ROR Developer from India – is $25 – $50

Ruby on Rails Developer Experience

How experienced and talented your Ruby on Rails developer is for hire also plays a significant role in determining the cost of hiring them. Hence you must hire a Ruby on Rails developer per your project requirements so you don’t overpay for a primary task or hire a junior ROR developer to solve a complicated task. Here is the cost estimation of hiring ROR developers as per their experience level –

  • Junior ROR Developer – $15 – $30
  • Senior ROR Developer – $45 – $65
  • Full-Stack ROR Developer – $75 – $110
  • ROR Project Manager – $80 – $150

Ruby on Rails Developer Engagement Models 

What dedication level you need to hire Ruby on Rails developers will also significantly impact your ROR developer budget. Generally, by industry standards, ROR developers can be hired on a Full-Time, Part-Time and Hourly basis.

Full-Time ROR developers would work as an extension of your business and dedicatedly work on your project to get it developed; Part-Time developers would commit to 4-5 hours in a day with a minimum duration of around 40 hours, whereas hourly hiring can go up to 8 hours per day with a minimum duration of 40 hours. Which hiring model is better suited for your business will depend on various factors and need to be consulted with the app development agency.

Final Words

This is your ultimate guide to estimating the cost of hiring a Ruby on Rails developer per your project requirements. Consider these before hiring a ROR developer or ROR developer team to work on your Ruby on Rails project.

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