Concrete FAQ

Concrete FAQ

Concrete FAQ

Are concretes created the same?

Concrete comes in different mixes. It involves the same ingredients, such as cement, aggregates, paste, and other additives, but their ratio may differ, depending on its purpose. When it comes to cement, it is measured by the number of Portland cement bags used. At Sunshine Concrete Contractors Tampa, we use only the best quality products to come up with superior concrete that can last many decades.

How will the concrete be transported if heavy machinery like trucks can’t access the site?

When trucks are not available, we can use wheelbarrows or motorized buggies to deliver concrete to the site. This type of equipment has a size that can easily fit any gate openings. Further, it will not leave any unwanted marks or cause damage to your yard.

What if there are permits required?

We can assist you in obtaining whatever permit is required for the project. We can even do the job ourselves for your convenience.

Are cement and concrete the same?

While these two terms are used synonymously, they offer a different meaning from one another. Concrete is the bigger umbrella, while cement is one ingredient to make it. Concrete is a mixture of different products, including cement, paste, and aggregates. Gravel and sand make up the aggregates. Water is the paste needed to glue the products together. You should never say “cement sidewalk,” but concrete sidewalk.

What should be the thickness and strength of concrete?

These two things depend on where concrete is applied and its purpose. For instance, driveways require a standard thickness of 5 inches. On the other hand, patios, pool decks, and walkways should be 4 inches in diameter. In general, concrete strength is at 4,500 psi.

Will concrete crack?

Concrete is susceptible to cracks and chips because of wear and tear. One way to avoid this from happening is getting the right people to perform the installation because most damages surface due to poor installation.

Can damaged concrete be repaired?

We can restore your concrete’s former glory with the effective repair methods we use. Once we’re done with the repairs, you will think the cracks never happened.

Is concrete slippery?

Some stamped concrete becomes slippery in the winter due to poor installation. At BBB Concrete, this should be the least of your concerns. We include non-slip additives to sealers to eliminate slipping possibilities.

How should I maintain concrete?

One of the advantages of concrete is its ease of maintenance. You only need to sweep the dust and dirt off, and you’re good to go. However, we suggest resealing it every two years for maximum results. Give us a call when you need your concrete to be resealed, and we will be there in no time.

Can I apply salt to the concrete surface?

This is a poor practice some homeowners do to eliminate ice on concrete’s surface. Instead of using salt, you can use calcium-based products that can help get rid of ice on concrete. You can purchase them in any local hardware, and they are much safer for your concrete. You can also use shovels that are made from plastic to avoid leaving scratches on the concrete.

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