Citizenship in a Sunny Country by the Sea: Consider Turkey!

Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship

Would you like to get a strong second passport for yourself and the whole family in a well-developed country on the seaside with a warm climate and plenty of fresh fruit? Then the Turkish citizenship-by-investment program is just what you need. It is quite affordable, and the way to citizenship is easy if you hire a reliable immigration agent. Take advantage of Turkish business, investment, and banking opportunities, optimize taxes, and buy real estate – the country has a lot to offer!

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Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

If you are looking for opportunities, you will simply love Turkey as it has a lot to offer. Here are the main takeaways of the Turkish citizenship-by-investment program:

  • Take advantage of the dynamically growing economy – the 17th largest across the globe!
  • If you need qualified staff for your business, you will find a lot of good specialists in Turkey.
  • The country has an advantageous geographical position between Europe and Asia, making it an ideal starting point for business undertakings.
  • Foreign applicants can buy any real estate they like in Turkey.
  • There is a good infrastructure here which has been rapidly developing in the past few years, adding to the attractiveness of the country for relocation.
  • All family members will be entitled to Turkish passports if you comply with the requirements.
  • You will not have to wait for long to acquire Turkish citizenship.
  • You can return your investments in approximately 3 years (and retain your passport).
  • Turkey offers high-class secondary and higher education opportunities.
  • You will remain a Turkish citizen even if you don’t reside in the country.
  • The passport renewal procedure is quick and straightforward.
  • Real estate is steadily growing in price, which means that you can buy and resell it at a profit (including the facility you buy to qualify for citizenship).
  • You will be able to visit 77 countries without a visa by producing a Turkish passport.
  • Turkish citizenship gives you an opportunity to easily apply for an E2 visa to the USA.

Sounds impressive? Let’s look at what it takes to become a Turkish citizen.

Ways of Becoming Eligible for a Turkish Passport

Needless to say, the main applicant should be a person at least 18 years of age with a clean criminal record. The current minimum amount of investment in the Turkish economy is 400,000 US dollars.

Here are the investment options to choose from.

Investment in Real Estate

You will have to buy a property that costs at least 400,000 US dollars and is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. Under the program, you will have to keep the real estate for at least 3 years before you can resell it.

Here are the basic steps to take:

  • Obtain a certificate of conformity at the Ministry of the Environment and Urban Development
  • Submit all the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship
  • Have the selected real estate assessed by an authorized governmental authority
  • Wait for your application to be duly considered

Investment in a Turkish Company

You will need to invest 500,000 US dollars in the authorized capital of a company based in Turkey. The investment has to be approved by the Ministry of Industry and Economy.

You will have to take the same steps as described in the previous option, with the only difference: a certificate of conformity will be obtained at the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Starting a Business in Turkey

If you are an entrepreneur, you can set up your company in Turkey. You will need to create at least 50 jobs for the locals to be eligible for the citizenship-by-investment program. This fact needs to be confirmed to the Ministry of Labor and Social Infrastructure, and this is also the institution that will issue a conformity certificate to you.

Bank Deposit

You will have to deposit 500,000 US dollars with a Turkish bank as a fixed-term deposit and keep it for 3 years. You will make all the regular steps, and the conformity certificate is issued in this case by the Bank Regulation and Supervision Agency.

Purchase State Bonds

You will have to invest 500,000 US dollars in the Turkish government bonds and hold them in your possession for three years. The certificate of conformity needs to be obtained from the Ministry of Finance.

Investment/Venture Fund

You are required to invest 500,000 US dollars in the Turkish venture or investment fund and keep the amount there for 3 years. If you choose this option, the certificate of conformity will be provided by the Capital Market Board.

Invest in a Private Pension Fund

You will need to invest 500,000 US dollars in a Turkish private pension fund and keep your money there for 3 years to obtain your Turkish passport. The conformity certificate is issued by the Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency.

How Long Does It Take?

As soon as you have collected and submitted all the documents to Turkish authorities, they start processing them. The processing time usually ranges between 3 and 12 months.

Turkish citizenship has gained a lot of popularity recently, so the authorities want to speed up the process by setting up additional offices.

Seek Qualified Assistance

It would be very annoying to make a mistake in your documents to start the process all over again. We strongly recommend contacting our specialists for an individual consultation: we will connect you to a reliable immigration agent on-site who is sure to help you! Follow the above link and make your first step to Turkish citizenship today!