Centrifugal Disc Finisher – Everything You Need to Know.

Centrifugal Disc Finisher – Everything You Need to Know.

Centrifugal Disc Finisher – Everything You Need to Know.

Centrifugal disc finisher is very popular in the mass-finishing industry now. The device will speed up the production result so that the production time can be cut off significantly. But, what kind of device is it? Find out everything you need to know about the Inovatec centrifugal disc finishing (DCF) on the following page.

What is DCF Machine

Centrifugal disc finisher is a mass finishing technology that will make it possible for you to enjoy the fast-finishing of robust and smaller parts. This machine comes with a moving bowl that functions to transfer energy into chips (contained media) and parts. The bowl itself is static while the movement of the device is produced by a rotating disk that is fixed on a shaft in the bowl’s base. The DCF machine is mainly used in a variety of applications such as deburring, cutting down/ blending, coloring, burnishing, and cleaning. The centrifugal disc is also flexible. This allows you to vary the media used, parts/ media ratio, cycle time, disc speed, and machine fill level to infinite finishing results for different finishes and parts in more effective ways.

Where to Get the Device

Today, there are a lot of manufacturers that produce centrifugal disc finisher machines and one of them is Inovatec. Being based in China, the company will provide you with the best DCF machine. The company uses a wide range of mass finishing media. These include steel burnishing media, ceramic deburring media, and plastic tumbling media. Here, you will find high-tech DCF machines in all shapes, materials, and sizes to meet your finishing, polishing, and deburring needs.

Why Inovatec?

Inovatec is popular in the mass-finishing industry for some good reasons. It uses abrasion-resistant PU materials that are suitable the most for cutting and wearing. The products offered by Inovatec are also ideal for small to medium size parts of polishing, deburring, and finishing. The centrifugal disc finisher machines produced will be a perfect option for stamping parts, 3D printed parts, as well as jewelry creation. The machines also come with speed control and optional PLC touch screen, much for your comfort.
Products of Inovatec

There are various products of DCF machines available to opt for in Inovatec. Here are some of them.

VA Series DCF

The VA series DCF of Inovatec comes with a small adjustable gap of 0.1mm. There are wet and dry versions of this VA series that are available for you to choose for.

CF Series DCF

The CF series of Inovatec comes with zero gaps. The tool adopts German design and it is under the collaboration of Nord motor and Siemens PLC.

Fully Automatic DCF

This series will be suitable the most if you want to conduct a batch process with consistent process control and in large quantity.

Eco Maxi

This is another series of Inovatec’s centrifugal disc finisher machines. The device comes with a 3-in-1 design and 6 liters capacity. You will find a magnetic barrel, dry barrel, and wet barrel all in one in this DCF machine.