Buy the Perfect Gift for Anyone in 3 Steps



Birthdays and Christmas are strongly associated with presents. If you’re like most people, you buy a couple of presents for the people you’re closest to on these special occasions every year. It’s also common to do something special for your mom on Mother’s Day, and there are other milestones when people may receive presents, such as graduations and bar and bat mitzvahs.

Sometimes, the frequency of gift-giving can make it hard to come up with ideas for presents. You won’t get your husband who is a firefighter a customized pistol holster like he was in the police, you would rather look for a firefighter decanter or some other unique gift. Once you set your budget, you can use these three steps to identify the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Step 1: Identify what’s available in your area.

Although it’s possible to order many gift options online with an email address and a credit card, shopping locally is a great option because local retailers may emphasize location-based interests and local culture. If you’re buying something distinct, you may also appreciate the in-person customer service from a local retailer with knowledge about the item you’re buying and years of experience in sales.

Marylanders who want to give someone jewelry can head to a Baltimore jewelry store known for excellent customer service. Nelson Coleman Jewelers is a jewelry store that offers a wide assortment of fine jewelry. This jewelry store has multiple engagement rings, watches, bracelets, and earrings, in different price ranges, ensuring you’ll find something suitable within your budget. Whether you’re looking for silver jewelry or estate jewelry or interested in engraving a piece of jewelry made from precious metals, jewelers with years of experience can help you find the perfect present.

Your local area can also generate other unique gift ideas. Perhaps you’d rather treat your loved one to a special outing. Adventure-seekers might enjoy trying indoor skydiving, taking a sailing trip, or going on a dinner cruise.

Step 2: Consider the person’s interests.

The perfect present will reflect the receiver’s interests. Consider whether the person you’re shopping for has a special interest or hobby. Perhaps they’re a Civil War history buff and would enjoy a trip to Gettysburg. You could treat your loved one to a tour of the battlefields or a ghost walking tour.

Book lovers may be thrilled with a gift card so they can load their e-reader with new books or may appreciate a signed copy of a book by their favorite author. You could also opt to give them a custom, limited edition book from special edition publishers such as Cemetery Dance or Thunderstorm Books.

Does your loved one love dogs? Consider framing an artist’s sketch of their dog or making reservations for dinner at a pet-friendly restaurant.

Step 3: Determine what’s age-appropriate.

In the United States, 21 is the legal drinking age. Teenagers typically graduate from high school when they’re 17 or 18, and teens can get their driver’s license when they’re 16. These are all important landmarks you may want to consider when choosing a gift.

When your loved one turns 21, you may want to treat them to some alcoholic beverages. Introducing your loved one to alcoholic beverages can be an effective way of monitoring their alcohol consumption. Whether you’re serving rum, brandy, vodka, whiskey, or gin, you’ll be able to let your loved one sample alcoholic drinks safely.

If you’re shopping for a teen who’s graduating high school or college, they may enjoy a long weekend at the ocean with friends. You could also opt to frame their diploma or buy them a school ring to celebrate their graduation. A new car would be a lavish present for a 16-year-old. More conservative options could include giving your loved one driving lessons or a used car. If you’re shopping for a teen who isn’t old enough to drive yet but loves cars, you could consider taking them go-karting.

Choosing the perfect present can be challenging. Once you set your budget, considering local opportunities, the person’s interests, and what’s age-appropriate will help you come up with several great options and find the perfect present.