Business development outsourcing: 7 key parameters

Business development outsourcing

Business development outsourcing

Business development outsourcing

When it comes to business development outsourcing, chances are you might get overwhelmed on which are the main parameters that you need to consider making the right choice.

Vparagon is an established sales outsourcing agency in Europe and through its decades long experience in the sector, it narrowed down the main points you need to consider.

1.  Experience and Background of the Head of the Company

Who is the head of the business development agency? Does he come from the corporate world, or did he have his own business in the past? In which sectors he had experience? It wouldn’t make any sense to hire someone that has huge experience in traditional commercial projects and very little experience in software sales if our solution is a software application. The head of the company gives direction to the company.

2.  Physical / Geographical location of the business development outsourcing agency

Although in today’s world, most business development outsourcing agencies work on a digital basis, with freelancers based in various countries or continents, the physical location of the agency is highly important. Not only because of prestige or practical related criteria, such as time zone or legal reasons, most importantly because a certain cultural mindset accompanies the engagement. Europeans have a different approach than Americans or Asians.

3.  Plethora of services offered.

I would be very skeptical to hire a business development outsourcing agency that offered a multitude of services, specifically if those services are not from the same “family”, as my main service. As the head of Vparagon, a sales outsourcing consultancy, I often was tempted to offer SEO or Marketing services. I decided not to do so, for the simple reason that I would have weakened my message by doing so. One thing is you see sales related topics only; another thing is you navigate through various services that are not directly related to each other.

4.  Systems and automation

Human skills make the difference. That is what I believed a decade ago, that is what I still believe. I have however to say that without automation and advanced systems and tech infrastructure, you are not going to go very far. Key decisions should be made from humans, repeating tasks and procedures should be automated to the maximum extent possible.

5.  Language skills and cultural background of agents.

Not in all industries and territories language is a barrier, it is however in many sectors and niches of the market. The language (and cultural) skills of the sales agents play a key role in the success of any business development project. Especially in European markets, knowledge of the main European languages is a necessary prerequisite of success.

6.  Easiness of communication

The ease of communication with companies is essential to their success. When prospects can quickly and effectively communicate, clarity of the expectations and the success of the project are defined. Clear and efficient communication also enhances internal collaboration, leading to improved productivity and innovation. It helps in understanding market demands and adapting swiftly to changes, ensuring competitiveness. Furthermore, transparent communication fosters a strong brand reputation, attracting and retaining customers. Ultimately, seamless communication contributes to a company’s overall efficiency, profitability, and long-term growth.

7.  Seniority and quality of the agents

That might be the most important factor. Although I do not necessarily think that the older or more senior someone is, the better the results are going to be, most of the time however complex projects require maturity and experience. The seniority and experience of the agents is crucial. Their quality as professionals undisputed.

Outsourcing your services is always a challenge and there is always a risk involved. You can never know, and you can never 100% trust the company you work with.

The risk however for sourcing your business development out, is relatively small, in comparison with other key decisions you must make as an entrepreneur.

After all, the business development outsourcing agency will follow your advice and policies and act upon.

You have potentially to win more than to lose.