Best Water Filters Reviews To Help You Find The Best

Water Filter

Water Filter

It becomes imperative in today’s scenario to read best water filter reviews so that you can ensure safe drinking water for your family. 80% of illnesses are caused by dirty water. Well, not necessarily dirty but water that has not been treated and is not suitable to drink.

You don’t have to necessarily see the harm in water for you to know, that water is not suitable to consume. 90% of water contaminants are invisible. Therefore, you should never assume that just because your water is clear, it is clean.

That is why it is very important to treat and filter your water before consumption. will help you understand the importance of filtering your water and the best water filter systems.

But first you need to understand what exactly is in your water that you want to filter. That way you will be able to make the best choice while purchasing a filter.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Water Filter

First of all, know what you are getting rid of. The best way to know whether the water you use in your house is clean or not is to get your water tested. Take some sample water to a professional lab near you and have your water tested.

Your preference also goes into your decision in what water filter to get. Do you want to filter all the water coming into your house, or you just need your kitchen water filtered?

Another factor to consider is your budget. Prices range differently. Some water filters are more expensive than others.

How Water Filters Work

There are many different ways and methods to filter water. Check out some of them below.

Ceramic Filter

This kind of filter is made of ceramic. The filter has small pores in which it allows water to run through when poured, while leaving particles larger than the pores on the surface of the filter.

This method of filtration is usually cheaper, durable, and easy to use. The process also doesn’t require any electricity.

However, it is only great to filter particles. It may not be suitable against water harboring viruses and bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis

This is one of the best methods to bring out the cleanest water. It is a whole system with pre-filters, membranes, and post-filters.

Usually, water is passed through a membrane with very small pores. The membrane keeps the contaminants from running through with water, separating salty water from fresh water.

This is a highly effective method as it filters heavy metals and many other contaminants. It also doesn’t need electricity.

However, it could be very expensive, requires high pressure, and wastes a lot of water as it only purifies ¼ of the water filtered.

Types of Water Filters

Now that you know what you are filtering, here are 5 water filters you should consider checking out.

1. Whole house water filters

These are installed in the main water source e.g. a tank and connected to the main pipe. It purifies water before distribution, so that all the water that goes into the house is already filtered, free of contaminants and ready to use.

This is an easy method and many people’s go-to because you don’t need to put a filter in every tap in the house.

However, this system needs a whole professional installation. It also could be expensive.

2. Countertop water filter

This one is connected to a faucet to purify tap water. It purifies water as you turn on the tap and the water flows out.

Some of the filters come with their own faucet while some don’t, so you will need to install them in your faucet.

It is one of the most common filters because it filters more compared to other filters like faucet filters, and it is not too expensive.

3. Faucet water filter

This is installed right on the faucet. It purifies water and filters out many contaminants right before water flows out.

In the list of best water filter reviews faucet water filter is popular because it is a cheaper option, small and its installation is easy. The only disadvantage is that it slows down the flow of water significantly.

4. Water filter pitcher

A water filter pitcher is a common filter that is mainly used to filter drinking and cooking water.

The container is divided into two halves by a carbon activated filter. You pour in your water, wait for it to work, and then collect the clean, filtered water from the lower part of the container

It is cheap and easy to use as it doesn’t require any complex installation. It is also easily portable which makes it suitable to carry while traveling or camping.

Some of its disadvantages include its limited capacity and that it is very slow. You have to wait for a long time for a small amount of water to be filtered.

5. Under sink water filter

Under sink water filters are installed under the sink in your kitchen. It is hard for anyone to notice them. They have the capacity to purify a lot of water and remove many contaminants like bacteria in a short time.

They are large and could be very expensive, they could also be difficult to install.


Keep in mind that the important thing is to get the best quality water filter that would serve its purpose the best way possible.