5 Of The Best Surf-friendly Jobs Available 



It is much easier to get up in the morning and head for work if you enjoy what you do. That means when considering a role you should look at whether it incorporates what you love or gives you enough time to do the things you love.

Of course, not everyone can have the perfect job. For example, if you love surfing your preferred job is likely to be professional surfer, but not everyone can complete this role, which means you need to think about which jobs will allow you to enjoy the surf and still earn the money you need to survive.

  1. Surf Instructor

The most obvious job choice is a surf instructor. What better way is there to enjoy the water, get some practice in, and help introduce others to the sport? Being a surf instructor is rewarding and fun. You’ll need to undertake a training course yourself. This gives you the knowledge you need to teach others, understand coastal rules, and perform first aid if necessary.

  1. Life Saver

There are two jobs that allow you to watch the seas and save lives. The first is a lifeguard which is a paid position offered by the local state. The second is as a surf lifesaver. This is an unpaid, volunteer position but still a great way to give back your skills and knowledge to the community while being close to the sea.

Naturally, not everyone can afford to donate their time which is why there are many other effective donation choices that should be considered.

  1. Marine Biologist

This is a dedicated field and you’ll need to undertake lots of training to qualify as a marine biologist. However, if you have the aptitude to study and learn about the underwater ecosystem you will find there are plenty of jobs available for you.

The best part isn’t that you will always be by the sea, although that is great. It’s the fact you can easily travel and work in a wide variety of locations, allowing you to sample the surf across the globe.

  1. Skilled Labour

There are several skilled labour jobs, such as a carpenter or even an electrician. These types of workers are always in demand. This will allow you to set your own work schedule and earn the money you need to live in various locations across the globe. In short, you can make sure you are available to surf when you want to and travel while working, ensuring you can try as many different surfs as possible.

  1. Photographer

There is possibly no better way to set your own schedule and find work anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to photograph weddings or try to capture tantalising underwater shots. You can even try catching images while on your board.

Being a photographer means you have complete control over your hours and destination, allowing you to surf when and where you want, that’s all you can ask for!