Best PDFs Converting Software

Have you ever received a document in PDF format and needed to edit it or convert it into another document? You’re not alone. Our research tells us that hundreds of people every month ask Google, what’s the “best PDF converter software?”

What if we told you that the best software to convert a PDF isn’t software at all, but a cloud-based solution that requires ZERO downloads or installations? That’s what we’ve got here – 5 online PDF converters.

PDFEscape is a versatile and user-friendly online tool that revolutionizes the way we interact with PDF documents. With its extensive range of features, PDFEscape allows users to not only view and read PDFs but also edit, annotate, and convert them effortlessly. Gone are the days of needing multiple software programs for different tasks


Here is a cloud-based solution that offers another whole new experience in PDF converting. If you’re not sure what “cloud-based” means, it simply means that there you can use it online without installing software on your device. You simply go to the website,, and follow the prompts to convert your file to or from a PDF format.

Just by a single click, users have the power to edit, convert, and even combine PDF files, without having to download and install bulky software. It’s handy, too, if you’re at work and need to convert files, because you don’t have to go through your tech department to get permission. This requires zero software downloads.

It is an effective tool for companies, businesses, and teams because PDF.Live allows several computers and devices to be logged in using a single account. They offer free conversions every day, and if you need to do them in bulk, they’ve got very reasonably priced monthly subscriptions.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is the “inventor” of the PDF file format, and many Windows computers come with Acrobat installed. Adobe also makes other software programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, which will export design files into PDFs, making them easy to share.

They also offer an online environment that requires no software downloads, where you can convert PDFs and merge and manage them.

Nitro PDF Productivity

If you are searching for quick software to sort you in any document with a PDF converting or editing issue, Nitro PDF Productivity is another option. It is easy to use to edit or convert a document. It also boasts effective PDF tools, safe e-signing, and identity verification. It is subscription based, although they do offer a free trial period first.

Wonder Share PDF Element.

Again if you are stuck and want PDF editing and converting software to help you work on your document, Wondershare’s PDFelement will help you do this. It works with multiple devices and operating systems for an annual subscription. All files can be stored online in their cloud-based solution, or you can download them and store them on your device or in your own secure online file manager.

Bottom line: Do you even need software to convert PDFs?

If you’ve got a newer computer, manufactured in the last few years, and it is a Windows or Apple operation system, you most likely have software installed that allows you to open, ready and modify PDF documents.

Also, many software programs like Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Excel, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator all have export features that will change files from their original formats to the PDF, so it can be easily shared.

You might not need to install special software to convert a file into a PDF or vice versa. Using online PDF converters like and others mentioned here, you can easily and safely do the conversion online without needing to take up space on your device for special software programs that do just one function like file conversions.