The Best New Year’s Eve Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Toddlers

Gifts for Toddlers

New Year’s Eve is a magical time of year for children of all ages, especially toddlers! As parents, we want to ensure our little ones have the best New Year’s Eve ever. But finding the perfect gift for your toddler can be tricky!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best kids toys for New Year’s Eve, so you can make sure your child has a fantastic holiday season! Read on for our top picks for the perfect presents for your toddler this New Year’s Eve.

Educational Toys

Educational toys are a great option when shopping for the perfect New Year’s Eve gifts for your toddler, and educational toys are a great option. Toys that encourage learning can help kids develop their fine motor skills and help them understand numbers, letters, and shapes.

Here are some great educational toys to give your toddler this New Year’s Eve:

  • Alphabet Puzzle Set: This fun and colorful puzzle set helps kids to learn their ABCs while they play. The large pieces make it easy for little hands to pick up and put together.
  • Wooden Shape Sorter: Shape sorters are great for helping toddlers learn basic shapes and colors. This wooden set is built to last and is perfect for little hands.
  • Number Flashcards: These flashcards are perfect for helping toddlers get familiar with numbers. They also come with fun illustrations to keep kids entertained.
  • Counting Blocks: This set of wooden counting blocks helps toddlers learn basic math concepts. It also encourages imaginative play as kids create their own stories with the blocks.
  • Magnetic Letters: Magnetic letters are great for teaching kids how to spell simple words. They’re also fun to move around on the fridge or other magnetic surfaces.

Sensory Toys

Some huge sensory toys for toddlers include stacking cups, blocks, puzzles, shape sorters, sand and water tables, balls of various textures, and building blocks. Many of these toys are designed to encourage children to think critically while having fun. With a variety of colors, sizes, and textures, they can help teach children cause and effect as well as fine motor skills.

It is also important to remember that these toys should be age-appropriate and safe. This means avoiding toys with small pieces that could pose a choking hazard. Additionally, the toys should be made of materials that are non-toxic and free of sharp edges or other hazards.

Musical Instruments

Regarding holiday gifts for toddlers, musical instruments can provide them with hours of entertainment. Music-making toys, from rhythm sticks and xylophones to drums and tambourines, will surely bring joy and laughter to your little one this New Year’s Eve.

Rhythm sticks are a classic instrument that toddlers will love. They come in various sizes and shapes but usually consist of two wooden sticks. These sticks can be used to create music, play games like patty cake, or follow the leader.

Xylophones are another great option for toddlers, as they offer multiple notes and tones. Kids can experiment with different notes and sounds and create their songs. Plus, plenty of xylophone apps are available to introduce your toddler to the basics of music and sound.

Drums are another excellent musical instrument for toddlers, as they can bang away on the drum while creating their rhythms. Smaller drums are available that are more appropriate for younger kids. Make sure you look for drums made from soft materials such as foam or rubber.

Tambourines are a great way to get your toddler dancing and shaking to the music. Most tambourines come with small bells that produce a jingly sound when shaken. Some tambourines even have handles so your toddler can easily hold onto them while they move around.

Introducing your toddler to music early can help foster creativity and expression. No matter what type of instrument you choose, your little one is sure to have fun and make lots of music this New Year’s Eve!

Art Supplies

When it comes to art supplies, the possibilities are endless! Get creative and stock up on things like finger paint, markers, clay, crayons, colored pencils, stampers, and more. You can also purchase mini easels, drawing pads, coloring books, and sketch pads.

Encourage your little one to explore their artistic side and create masterpieces with these fun and educational art supplies.


When it comes to buying kids toys for New Year’s Eve as gifts, many options are both entertaining and educational. There is something for every little one, from educational toys to sensory toys, musical instruments to art supplies. With some thought and creativity, you can find the perfect present to keep your toddler entertained and learning all year long.