The Best New Year Eve Gift for Photography Enthusiasts – Hohem iSteady MT2

Hohem iSteady MT2 - by

Hohem iSteady MT2 – by

New Year Eve is coming, are you still wondering what kind of gift to prepare? If your family or friends happen to be photography enthusiasts, then the gift we have prepared for you is sure to be eye-catching. It boasts a reasonable price, outstanding performance, and a convincing reputation. It is none other than the latest Hohem gimbal—iSteady MT2.

As an extremely cost-effective gimbal, it is compatible with various phone or camera equipment and suitable for any occasion. It will make creativity flourish during the New Year Eve and into the new year! It’s time to be impressed by its powerful professional features. Get ready to delve deeper into this exciting gift!

Why is Hohem MT2 the best New Year Eve gift?

A gift should not only stand out in terms of functionality but also leave people in awe of its design. And we’ve opened it for you, MT2 is visually pleasing for sure!

iSteady MT2 has a truly comprehensive kit. It’s a compact, minimalist carrying case. In addition to iSteady MT2 itself, it has a tripod that can further enhance stability, accessories suitable for various shooting devices, and some USB cables designed to connect various camera brands and models.

Regarding the camera gimbal itself, it features a stylish color scheme of deep gray/black, which feels quite luxurious when held, accented with bright orange highlights that give it a unique personality. Its body is sturdy and well-crafted, primarily composed of aerospace-grade aluminum and high-performance composite materials. The first time we picked up iSteady MT2, we all were impressed by its weight, coming in at just 653 grams. This ultra-light design effortlessly outperforms many similar products on the market, making it a burden-free choice for both urban and outdoor adventures.

Key Advantages of Hohem iSteady MT2

Hohem iSteady MT2 will enrich the New Year Eve holiday, allowing users to familiarize themselves with its operation during their leisure time, providing them with an unparalleled user experience.

Ergonomically Designed

MT2’s intuitive layout precisely positions the control stick, roller, screen, and axis locks within easy reach. This clever design ensures even beginners can confidently operate it. Each axis of MT2 is equipped with locks to prevent camera rotation when moving the gimbal during shutdown.

Balancing the Gimbal

Hohem iSteady MT2 allows people to effortlessly adjust their camera’s position through its user-friendly balancing system. When MT2 is turned off, it’s easy to mechanically adjust each arm to achieve a perfect balance with any camera that meets its weight requirements. When it is powered on, simply placing it on a stable and level surface, it will auto-balance itself.

Vertical Video

Another fantastic addition offered by Hohem iSteady MT2 is the built-in L-shaped bracket! This provides users with the option to easily reposition the camera vertically within seconds. No technique is required! It is particularly beneficial for shooting social media content by adjusting the height and using the selfie screen.


What makes iSteady MT2 outstanding is that it can be compatible with different cameras and smartphones, supporting a maximum payload of up to 1.2 kilograms. It’s really good news for people who have various camera equipment.

AI Tracking

iSteady MT2 utilizes a unique and powerful external tracking sensor, using visual sensors for artificial intelligence detection and tracking. Even when facing children running and playing, simply face the AI sensor and make the “OK” gesture, and it can accurately track the subject.

Magnetic Fill Light

It’s unavoidable that there are situations with insufficient lighting. Don’t worry, iSteady MT2 offers CCT and RGB fill light modes! Even without using the powerful AI tracking feature, the AI tracker can also serve as an RGB fill light, enhancing shooting effects and providing better illumination for various environments.


Hohem possesses its patented stabilization algorithm system, and iSteady MT2 integrates the iSteady 7.0’s stabilization system, ensuring the stability and smoothness of dynamic shooting.

360-Degree Rotation

For users who appreciate Inception-style rolling shots, the infinite rotation feature effortlessly replicates the cinematic effect. Simply clicking the “M” button three times to activate the “Inception” mode can provide endless inspiration for creators.

Main Modes

As an excellent New Year Eve gift, it should find broad applications in daily life. Hohem iSteady MT2 offers various gimbal modes to meet different shooting scenarios. Maybe these modes sound confusing, but trust me! For photography enthusiasts, they are absolutely practical and necessary:

“PF” (Pan and Follow): The standard mode for smooth and stable tracking shots, providing horizontal, uninterrupted movement. This mode is a reliable choice for stable motion.

“PTF” (Pan, Tilt, and Follow): PTF mode is a more flexible variation of PF mode. The gimbal has additional vertical movement capability, allowing users to incorporate a wider range of angles into their shots.

“L” (Lock All): Locks the camera in place for fixed-angle camera movement, ideal when the lens needs to remain stable and direction unchanged.

“POV” (Point of View): Mimics the user’s movements, providing a dynamic perspective.

Sport Mode: It’s the preferred choice for high-energy scenes, where everything is moving fast, and other modes may not be up to the task.

Of course, MT2 also features an automatic calibration function. Press the mode button five times, and the gimbal will adjust motor strength to perfectly match your camera and lens.


Hohem iSteady MT2 has a stylish exterior design, an intuitive user experience, astonishing performance, and a wide range of modes to cater to various shooting scenarios, making it the perfect ideal for photography enthusiasts who want to take their photography skills to the next level. During this special holiday season, let’s bring Hohem iSteady MT2 to your loved ones and capture the laughter together!