Best Indoor Games for Kids

Indoor Games For Kids

Indoor Games For Kids

The kids full of energy and they always want to get engaged in some activity. During the high temperature or rainy days, you cannot allow your kids to go out and play. But the kids will get bored soon inside the house. Therefore we suggest you some exciting and best indoor games for kids that you can arrange for your kids. With a moonpig student discount, you can save money on educational and entertaining items for your kids that will keep them entertained during hot or rainy days.

Best Indoor Games for Kids

The indoor games are not only entertaining but also encourage the kids to learn new things. We have checked hundreds of indoor games which can be played by kids as well as parents. In this article, we will show you some of the best indoor games to play with kids and family members. You should go ahead to know about these exciting games.

#1. Jigsaw Puzzles

The jigsaw puzzles are great for younger as well as elder kids. The younger kids can solve easy puzzles, while the elder ones should try the difficult puzzles. You should buy a set of six or twelve puzzles for your kids.

How to Play:

The jigsaw puzzle set includes one picture and some pieces. The kids are required to observe the picture and join the pieces to prepare it exactly like the picture shown on the box or on paper.

In order to solve the jigsaw puzzle, the kids will take time. So, it is a great time pass and a good exercise for their mind. As a parent, you should encourage the kids so that they feel motivated while joining pieces to solve different jigsaw puzzles.

#2. Indoor Trampolines

The indoor trampolines are the best trampolines for kids with age from 3 years and 6 years. If you have such younger kids, an indoor trampoline will help you to keep them indoor for hours. Almost all the toddlers and kids love to play and jump on a trampoline. You can check the best trampoline for kids reviews at

How to Play:

Playing on a trampoline is very easy. The kid is only need to jump on the trampoline mat. As the kid jump, the bouncing mechanism will push the kid back in the air. The indoor trampolines are safe and don’t have higher bounces like outdoor trampolines. Still we suggest you to supervise your kids while they are playing on the trampoline and never allow more than one kid to play at a time.

#3. Treasure Hunt

The kids often want to explore new things, new areas and find out something hidden. Therefore a treasure hunt game is going to be the best indoor game for your kids. It is not necessary to buy a treasure hunt game set, you can create it on your own. The kids just want to play and you can give them a task with an exciting prize at the end of the game.

How to Play:

Suppose, you want to hide a pack of chocolates and want your kids to find it out. You should hide the chocolate pack somewhere and then prepare 4 to 5 clues on paper slips. Put these paper slips at different places and give the first clue paper in your kid’s hand. Let your kid collect the clues one by one to finally reach to the big chocolate pack as a final prize. At the end, share the chocolates with all family members and enjoy.

#4. Air Hockey Game

The air hockey is one of the best indoor games to play for kids as well as adults. You must have the best air hockey table at your home to play this game with your kids. It is not too expensive, you can afford it. If you choose a tabletop air hockey table, it will cost you less than 100 dollars.

The air hockey game is very useful to keep the kids engaged for hours. Not only that, the kids will also have some physical activity while playing this game. It will help the kids to learn how to concentrate and stay aware throughout the game. So, buying an air hockey table is a great investment for your family.

How to Play:

In order to play air hockey, there must be at least two players. If you have only one kid then you should be the second player. On the air hockey table, two players are stand face to face and the table in the middle. Each player has one pusher in hand and there is only one puck. The player needs to send the puck on opponent’s goal to make score. The first player to score 7 points will win the game.

#5. Hide and Seek

As we often say “Old is gold”, it is true in many circumstances. When you have 4 to 6 kids in the house, the Hide and Seek can be the best and easiest indoor game to play for them. If the house is bigger then the game will be more interesting and adventurous for the kids. Whether the kids are younger or elder, everybody likes to play hide and seek game.

How to Play:

The Hide and Seek Game is very simple. One kid needs to close the eyes for 15 to 20 seconds. During that time period, all other kids are required to hide somewhere in the hose. Make the strict rule that nobody will hide outside the house. Once, all the kids are hidden, that one kid needs to find out all the hidden kids. This game is a great time killer and the kids will love playing it.

#6. Musical Chair

The Musical Chair is an interesting game to play for kids. The best thing about this game is that you can play it indoor as well as outdoor. You just need enough space to put some chairs so that the kids can walk around it. It does not require much tools or toys, so you can be the organizer of the musical chair game and the kids will be the participants.

How to Play:

Suppose there are seven kids in the house, so you need to put six chair in a row but first chair has front face sitting, while second has it on back. Arrange all six chairs in this way and ask all seven kids to walk one behind another in line around the chairs when you play the music. As you stop the music, the kids should sit on the chairs.

There are seven kids and six chair, so the kid who does not get a seat will be eliminated from the game. Then remove one chair and play music to repeat the game process. The last kid to get the seat on chair will win the game.

In this way, you can play many indoor games with your kids and encourage them to play with complete focus and concentration.