5 Benefits of VoIP for Managing Your Remote Team

Managing Your Remote Team

Managing Your Remote Team

No one can argue the importance of communication. And with the abrupt shifting from corporate offices to remote working, businesses capable of providing non-stop customer service are the ones that stay ahead of the game.

But honestly, it is easier said than done for most companies. They find it challenging to transition from offices to working from home without heavily considering the impact of communication in their team.

Luckily VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) comes to the rescue. And business owners who are smart enough to integrate this superior cloud-based technology have made successful transitioning. You can learn more about VoIP by visiting Telnum.

Remote working, the ‘new normal’

The sudden global impact has indeed brought drastic organizational changes to different companies, including the work setup. As a result, most businesses were forced to shut down, while others quickly brought their team to working remotely. However, those business owners who allow their team to work from their homes are also aware of the importance of the appropriate tools that they should adopt in the new normal. And that is why they integrate VoIP into their communication.

The importance of a VoIP telephone system is now fully understood than any other time before. Using a conventional phone system with your remote team will only result in total business communication failure. With VoIP, your business will run just almost the same as it was before. The only difference is the added features that VoIP has for your remote employees.

5 Benefits of VoIP for Your Remote Workers

Let’s talk about the five benefits of VoIP for managing your remote team.

Sending your team to their homes and do their work is an easy task. But be sure they are equipped with the proper connectivity tools such as VoIP. This will enable them to answer incoming calls regardless of their location anytime. Callers will not even recognize that your team is working from their home. Your customers will still think that they are in the office because VoIP communication seamlessly allows your remote workers to perform their tasks the same way they are in the office.

  1. VoIP-enabled phones – perhaps the best thing is to have VoIP desk phones plugged into the home office setup. This is also flexible since you can take it to your office to work there and then bring it back to your home and plug it. However, smartphones and tablets nowadays are so easy to integrate with VoIP apps. Just install it on your mobile device, and you have the integration. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and other communication platforms have incorporated various softphone versions to enable voice calls.
  2. Softphone applications – speaking of softphone apps, they are easy to download to your smartphone, computers, and other mobile devices. Once done, you can continue using them just the way you would use a VoIP desk phone. It is really like bring your office to your home, with all the fantastic features that VoIP offers. Integrating softphone applications to your devices will allow you to make and receive calls seamlessly.
  3. Value-added features – VoIP has plenty of features that are so easy to navigate. Some of these features are auto-attendant, conferencing, advanced call routing, mobile app integration, call recording, and many more. These features can significantly make your life more accessible to the point that you will never experience difficulty addressing customers’ calls.
  4. Call diverts – With VoIP, you can easily divert calls to your preferred phone number with only a single click of a button. This will give you the freedom to be able to answer calls wherever you are. Call diverts are also possible to any landline number as well.
  5. VoIP virtual numbers – virtual numbers, as we all know, allow users to utilize different phone numbers from various area codes to enhance client reach. It means you can choose virtual numbers with your client’s area code to improve trust and business presence.

Final Words

VoIP offers countless benefits to a remote team. It is up to you which features you want to activate, depending on your business’ needs. It’s a cloud-based telephone system developed to help entrepreneurs and business owners keep pace with the changes happening around the business world.

In our current situation, there is no better idea than to be always prepared for any uncertainty. When it comes to communication, VoIP is reliable enough to adapt for the success of your business. It has features that conventional phone lines don’t have. Furthermore, since it resides on the cloud, everything is almost virtual. Therefore, VoIP is the perfect telephony system for startups to integrate into your business since you don’t need to install expensive hardware and equipment.

If you are convinced enough that your organization needs to shift to a VoIP system, you can visit Telnum and start to enjoy the power of VoIP.