Beauty Tech Trends to Keep an Eye On

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

The pandemic changed a lot about the way we do beauty. Digital solutions skyrocketed in popularity as salons, spas and stores closed their doors. Although reopening’s are bringing us closer to our former routines, there is a lot of amazing technology emerging that’s going to revolutionize the way we shop, style and pamper ourselves. From AR try-ons to customized on-demand facial treatments, the beauty industry is constantly evolving with new technologies that promise to transform the way we look and feel. One such technology that’s gaining popularity is picoway laser, which offers innovative solutions for tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and other aesthetic treatments. As we navigate the post-pandemic world, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest beauty tech trends. Here are four exciting beauty technology trends to keep an eye on and look forward to as they continue to evolve.

AR Try-Ons

You need a new foundation, but you have no way to make it to a store. Or worse, you find that your shade doesn’t match anything near you and you have to take a guess online. How do you know that it will blend in and you won’t be wasting time and money ordering the wrong tone? The good news is augmented reality is for so much more than TikTok and Snapchat filters. Thanks to AR technology, customers can try on everything from concealers to lipsticks right from the comfort of their home. Using face detection features, software is able to pick up your image and project various colors with the tap of a button. While lighting plays a huge role in the way an image displays, you can get a much clearer picture of how a product may look on you without having to pay just to try it on.

Customized On-Demand Facial Treatments

Years ago, it was only possible to get personalized skincare by visiting a professional. Now, you can rely on a free app that builds a personalized skincare recommendation plan by evaluating your skin through a 180-degree selfie. Then, you receive a customized list of suggestions on the best types of ingredients for your face. You’ll get personalized routine suggestions and be able to track changes to your skin overtime. In addition to better care management, there is an increasing number of products on the market that make at-home rejuvenation possible. An LED light therapy face mask helps reduce inflammation, repair UV damage, treat acne and promote boost collagen. It’s been largely used to treat blemishes, but its expanding technological applications are making it a must-have in the beauty scene for people of all ages. If you are planning to buy hydrogel masks online, check Paris Lash Academy.

Infrared Hair Dryers

You know too much heat is horrible for your hair, but now you don’t have to suffer the damages for the reward. Infrared heat technology is just as effective but it produces much lower levels of heat emissions. Instead of drying your hair from the surface down, it works from the inside-out. This results in shiner, healthier hair with less breakage and minimal frizz. In an effort to improve overall hair care, these dryers pair best with a natural shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates. An apple cider vinegar shampoo and coconut/avocado oil conditioner pack can put you on the right track toward healthier hair. Pairing it with an infrared dryer can completely revitalize your routine.

At-Home Nail Rejuvenation

You may love your manicures and polishes, but they can take a toll on nail health. Stimunail is an at-home device that lets you restore and strengthen your natural nails even when they’re made up thanks to NASA’s light therapy. Through red light pulses, a massaging vibration to improve circulation and gentle heat, the device helps improve the distribution of essential nutrients for healthier, stronger nails.