Are Coding Bootcamps worth it?

Are Coding Bootcamps worth it?

Are Coding Bootcamps worth it?

You’re at the apex of an important decision. Perhaps you’re fresh out of high school or college; maybe you are just looking to switch industries or enhance your current skill set. All you know for sure is that you’ve decided you want to learn how to code to enhance your career path.

Of course, there are numerous ways to go about this. A college education is one of the more traditional routes. Some take online classes or binge-watch YouTube tutorials.

Others, however, seek out coding boot camps. These are, in essence, crash courses on coding, typically focusing on language at a time. They tend to be fast, efficient and can be very beneficial to those that take them. However, it should be known that they aren’t for everyone.

At this point, you’re probably asking: are coding Bootcamps worth it, then?

Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from coding Bootcamps the most.

Benefits of a Coding Bootcamp

We list here four main benefits of coding Bootcamps: focus, cost-benefit, resources, and speed. Of course, we don’t need to talk about all the knowledge acquired when learning how to code. This is the major benefit for sure.

Help to Focus on Your Career

As stated before, they tend to be very fast and efficient at doling out all the skills that an aspiring programmer may require.

The group structure can be great for those who struggle to focus independently or outside of a classroom environment. You will typically be working with industry experts who know how to anticipate the needs of their students effectively.


There are coding Bootcamps out there that even promise that you don’t have to pay any kind of tuition until you land a job, which can be great for those struggling to get started. Always be wary of the fine print of these offers, mind.

There are plenty of people ready to take advantage. Still, there are plenty of Bootcamps available at reduced rates or even subsidized by certain employers. If you do your research, finding one to work for you and your finances won’t be a problem.

Resources to help you find jobs

Another benefit of some Bootcamps is that they often have resources that can help land you jobs, internships, or externships afterward. Those looking for a new position will likely find these quite helpful and are advised to take full advantage.

Coding Bootcamps are reported to have high job placements and better success rates in making sure graduates are employed in good time.


Speaking of time, coding Bootcamps typically take weeks versus the months or years college can take in its place. That will get you to the finish line much faster. Quick, efficient, cost-effective – all sounds great, right?

Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. There are downsides to coding Bootcamps that almost perfectly counter the benefits mentioned above.

First, the speed and efficiency of coding Bootcamps often come at the cost of struggling students and a narrower focus. Where you might get more of a broad view elsewhere, most Bootcamps are focused on one thing and one thing only, which can leave first-time coders or beginners somewhat in the lurch when looking for a job afterward.

But surely the cost-benefit makes it worth the chance, yes? Well, make certain you’re double-checking that price tag. So, let’s talk about prices.

Cost of a coding Bootcamps

Coding Bootcamps can runs anywhere from several thousand dollars up to twenty-thousand dollars, sometimes more! For those who don’t have the financial assistance of an employer or the funds upfront, which most of us won’t, realistically, that means taking out a loan.

While loans for college tend to start after graduation, loans for Bootcamps don’t offer the same mercy. Delicate financial situations can outweigh any benefits from the said loan, especially in the scenario where finding a job isn’t possible, or you wind up falling out of the Bootcamps for reason number one.

This is an unfortunate reality for students who can’t keep up with that infamous pace associated with Bootcamps. It’s just not for everyone, and, as with anything, you need to be aware of what learning style works for you and if the risk is worth it.

Bottom Line

So, are coding Bootcamps worth it in this day and age?

Absolutely. It won’t be for everyone due to the fast pace, the narrow focus, and the financial risks involved, but plenty of people can still get an enormous amount of value out of coding Bootcamps.

For those looking to code, enhance their skills, start or transition into the technology industry, coding Bootcamps can be a great option.

A degree can still get you further. In some scenarios, the Bootcamps is arguably cheaper, more efficient, and has the resources to get you employed and running the moment you finish up.

As with everything, do your research before choosing one but, should you find it works for you, you are sure to find value in the experience.