ApplyKart, the new job-seeking platform aimed at Generation Z and immigrants.

ApplyKart a professional all-in-one networking platform, aimed at Generation Z and international students. ApplyKart is a supportive networking platform, aimed at connecting employers and employees in the job market.

The co-founders, Bharati and Malcolm did not become a success story overnight. They faced many challenges to get to this position. They frequently moved around, Bharati only begun her professional career journey in India at age 21 in a small restaurant in India managed by them both.

Before starting their company; ApplyKart. Bharati relocated from India to Australia, Melbourne 8 years ago and struggled finding employment. Despite, having an impressive work history and the required skills, she struggled to find employment in Australia. Having that experience, Bharati and Malcolm created ApplyKart motivated and inspired through her difficult journey she set out to help others like Generation Z and students.

“Anyone wanting to work should be able to find it easily as there are plenty of job opportunities. The problem lies in connecting the two- Job seeker and Job poster! Also, a lot of jobs don’t get posted online, so networking with the right connections is more important today than ever before.”



An app fostered for job-seeking Gen Z and Gen Alpha

Approximately there are 2.5 billion Gen Z globally. This generation shaped the 21st century and are born between 1997-2012. Their ages ranging between 27 years old to the youngest being 12 years old. They are now slowly entering the job market and is expected to be 58 percent of the market by 2030.

Bharati and Malcolm recognising this, have created a digital platform not only aimed at Gen Z. ApplyKart is engineered in a way that is straightforward and user-friendly.

It is also particularly aimed at students because there are numerous factors Gen Z consider before settling for a job. A survey by Monster found that 83 percent of Gen Z want a company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) before they continue with job processes.

“Gen Z being the digital nation has a very different approach from their old counter parts when it comes to searching for things on internet. Short form content which is more visually engaging like Reels/ videos are more appealing to this generation.”

ApplyKart is also free for employers and businesses to advertise their jobs, compared to other apps and professional websites that advertise jobs for an average of $300 per advertisement. ApplyKart, is completely free to connect employers with future employees.

ApplyKart Social Media Success

ApplyKart has an impressive social media presence.

ApplyKart is gaining traction on apps like TikTok where educational examples of interviews are given to viewers to gain inspiration for their own interviews.

ApplyKart is now launching worldwide, with hopes of connecting billions of people to jobs and Bharati has especially a keen focus on India’s job market where they have faced several challenges such as ‘high unemployment rates, particularly among the youth, skill gap and lack of quality jobs.’ With the help of a platform like ApplyKart, people in different countries can have bigger hopes of being connected to a job.