An Easy Tutorial On How To Use WPS And What Are The Main Features Of WPS

In this modern age of technology, people are very much concerned about how to get their work done with the latest software and offices. That’s where the need for WPS emerges as this software has so much to offer to all of you. There are several free subscription services such as Microsoft 365 that you can easily get your hands on for manipulating and designing text. Creating the best text documents has become easier with WPS and you can also use the given link to make your text even better.

This guide is for you to learn how to use WPS and what’s the point of using WPS.

Part 1: Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use WPS



WPS is easing your lifestyle by allowing you to edit or format your text documents. For this to become possible, you need to find out the right way to use Microsoft Office. The following read consists of a few main steps regarding the usage of WPS.

Step 1. Add WPS to your device and if it is not present there then you will download and install it.

Step 2. Then you will choose any one of the four features; Word, Excel, PPT, or PDF as per your requirement.

Step 3. Then you will design your document, create a spreadsheet, make a PowerPoint presentation, or edit your PDF file.

Part 2: Exploring All The Four Main Features Of WPS

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS is the newest addition to Microsoft Office and it comes with four main features. This word processing software stands out as the best software owing to the cooperation among the four main parts or functions of this software. It can manage spreadsheets, manipulate or design texts, and make effective presentations, and PDFs editing.

Feature 1. Capability to manage spreadsheets

WPS can manage spreadsheets with its Excel. This feature is made to facilitate all the people who are working in offices and are keeping a record of a particular thing. Creating long sheets or making lists is the key responsibility of Excel which is a role-playing feature of WPS.

Feature 2. Manipulating or designing texts with a Word processor

Word processing in WPS is considered to be a user-friendly interface that not only lets you edit or create your text documents but also makes it easier for you to deal with different kinds of text documents.

Feature 3. Making effective presentations

Making presentations with WPS is proof that this software is leaving behind other software of this era. You can add transitions, and use different templates, animations, and themes in this WPS Office.

Feature 4. PDF Editing

PDF editing is the most prominent feature of WPS and it needs special mention. Now you need not worry about the editing of your PDF files as you have a WPS office. PDF editing also brings the efficient management of your documents to your way as well.

Part 3: Satisfying Users With Real-life Comments

To make yourself even more convinced, here are a few real-life comments that WPS is having from different users.

Comment 1. “The program is excellent.”

Comment 2. “WPS always is THE GOOD Office CHOICE.”

WPS Office

WPS Office

A Small Token Of Appreciation:

Till now, you must have known that WPS is your Microsoft Office as it has Word, Excel, ppt, and PDF editing for your ease in one place.. If you still want to make your text documents better then here is your complete guide which provides you free and direct access to this software. Moreover, Microsoft 365 offers you different yet useful options to design your text documents.